Google Suggest: How to Smoke…

No matter what anyone says, Google is still the 800 pound gorilla when it comes to searching the web. How do I know this? Because since opening this website in August 2007, Google has sent 79% of all search engine traffic. Yahoo and Bing and all the others can claim they are just as good as Google but until I start seeing the traffic numbers shift, Google will remain the king.

So why do I bring this up? I just wanted to share how I enjoy the functionality of Google Suggest but also how it sometimes makes me laugh. For example, this evening I was doing a little bit of research on smoking a rack of baby back ribs. Now that I have a Bubba Keg Griill and I use it quite often as a smoker and my wife suggested we (read that meaning I) smoke some ribs for Easter dinner. So I thought it might be nice to brush up on some smoking techniques that people are doing out there just to see if I wanted to try something different than the way I have been smoking ribs in the past. Naturally I went to Google first and was going to search on “How to smoke ribs”. But thanks to Google Suggest, smoking ribs was not even close to being one of the more popular searched upon topics. I grabbed a screen shot and thought I would share it.

google suggest

I was able to do some good research on smoking ribs but it still made me laugh how unpopular smoking turkey, salmon and ribs is compared to the other stuff. Happy Easter!