Father’s Day Gift Guide 2015

Fathers Day Gift Guide for tailgaters
Father’s Day is June 21st this year and if you haven’t gotten him a gift yet, it is about time you get on that project. If your dad is a tailgater, sports fan or just an all around cool dad, we have some ideas for gifts for him. Dad deserves a cool gift this year. Keep in mind, you’re probably the reason why he drinks…
Party Gator floating cooler

Party Gator

Even though we here at TailgatingIdeas.com are all tailgating all the time, this Father’s Day gift idea is just too cool to not include. A floating alligator with a cooler that holds 20 canned beverages, a bag of ice and has four cup holders? That’s just too much fun for dad even if it is not designed to take tailgating. Definitely an upgrade from the one your dad probably has that doesn’t contain a cooler and cup holders. The Party Gator Floating Alligator with Cooler is $35.

GoBar Black Skirt

GoBar Portable High Top Bar

Let’s face it, dad typically is the bartender whenever he has guests over. With the GoBar Portable High Top Bar, he can be the bartender out in the parking lot, in the backyard, by the pool or even outside the parent teacher conference. (We’ve seen your grades and he sure is going to need a drink…) The GoBar comes with three different wraps for any occasion including a Tiki wrap, plain black for a more formal affair and a football field for when he is out tailgating. It has a professional top with waterproof MDF surface on the top and is rated to hold 50 pounds. (25 pounds on the top and 25 pounds on the back shelf.) Weighing about 12 pounds, this portable bar measures 39 x 36 x 15 inches (W x H x D) when open and 39″ x 15″ x 3″ when closed. Also includes a carrying bag so dad can easily take it anywhere the party is happening. The GoBar Portable High Top Bar is $95.00.

State Traditions Oklahoma Polo

State Traditions Clothing & Apparel

Your dad is a big fan and loves to show his support for his team wherever he goes. State Traditions creates state-inspired apparel and accessories that show off not only his pride and spirit for his team but also the state that team is located within. State Traditions makes their clothing with the outline of the state map embroidered and the color combinations reflect the school colors of those major colleges located within that state. A great example would be a Texas fan would get a hat or shirt with the state of Texas embroidered on it in traditional burnt orange. Of course it does not say “University of Texas” or have the traditional longhorn logo but fans everywhere will recognize burnt orange and the state of Texas is all you need to show you are a Texas Longhorns fan. Prices vary based on products and sizes. Visit StateTraditions.com to see if they have something your dad would love.

50 Caliber Bullet Bottle Opner Featured

.50 Cal BMG Bottle Opener

Dad can never have enough bottle openers. It always seems as though he can never find one when he needs one. Get him a bottle opener made from a previously fired .50 caliber shell. .50 Cal BMGs are the guns they mount to the top of Humvees and can rip a hole into a telephone pole the size of a grapefruit. Did you and dad see American Sniper together? Then you have seen a .50 Cal in action. If dad was former military or just wants to be a bad ass tailgater when opening up bottles, the .50 Caliber Bottle Opener is a great gift. Cost is $15.

Pelican Cooler Featured

Pelican Cooler

There are two things dads do well while out tailgating. They are the grill master and they are the king of the cooler. Don’t you think your dad’s cooler deserves an upgrade this Father’s Day? We discovered the Pelican brand of coolers and they are tough, heavy duty and high quality. The ice retention in these coolers is remarkable. We placed ours in the direct sunlight all day on an 85 degree day, opened it a number of times to get out a few frosty beverages and at the end of the day it looked as though the ice had hardly melted. If dad’s old cooler is looking a little worse for wear, a Pelican Cooler would be a nice upgrade. Visit pelican.com for more information or to locate where to buy one.

Guiness covered by Rockstar Energy Can

Beer Can Covers

Sometimes dad just wants to have a beer without the hassles and the dirty looks coming from mom. If dad walks the dog after getting home from work, wouldn’t it be great to have a beer without the neighbors giving him the stink eye? These can covers are the perfect solution to the problem. These beer can covers are made from real soda, energy drink and iced tea aluminum cans. No more magnetic wraps that say some fabricated generic name. It looks like a real Coke or Pepsi because it is made from a real Coke or Pepsi can. With all types of sizes to fit all brands and sizes of beer cans, dad will never have to worry about having a beer while tailgating if the consumption of adult beverages in that parking lot is frowned upon. Prices range from $3 per sleeve for 12 oz. sizes, $4 for Coors/Coors Light sizes and 16 oz. pint cans and $5 for 24 oz. Tall Boy cans. All sizes of beer can covers are the real McCoy and will fool anyone from a reasonable distance into thinking dad is drinking a non-alcoholic beverage.

Texas Sucks Tailgate Tag

Tailgate Tags

If dad is a sports nut and loves to show his love for his team in a unique way, a customized license plate is the way to go. Called Tailgate Tags, these novelty license plates are made from real aluminum just like the ones the DMV issues. You are not limited to just six or seven characters like your state motor vehicle department requires. On top of that, you don’t have to go through some whacky approval process. These license plates are much cheaper than trying to get a customized one through the state. Show dad’s support for his team, pride in his state he once lived in or throw an insult to dad’s team’s biggest rival. Tailgate Tags typically run around $20 depending on the state and the type and amount of lettering you choose. For more information, visit lookinsporty.com

tailgating beer glove red

The TailGator Beverage Glove

It may be hot on Father’s Day but it won’t stay that way forever. When the leaves turn and the snow starts to fall, dad will remember you six months from now if you get him the Tailgator Beverage Glove. These high-quality gloves are great on their own but the built-in beverage holder really puts it over the top. The gloves boast an elastic stretch beverage holder that accommodates all beverages – bottles, cans, plastic cups and water bottles all fit snugly in the holder. Simply flip the holder around to the palm side of the glove and attach it to the Velcro tab. When not in use, the holder attaches to the back of the glove, completely out of the way. Warm and comfortable, they offer a soft microfleece shell, Thinsulate Insulation, waterproof lining, and soft rubber-tech grip. Even if your dad was the least-thirsty man in the world with no intentions of ever handling a beverage, he would feel great about wearing these gloves. And they come in a bunch of great colors like Glacier Blue and Cardinal Red, so he can be sure to color coordinate with his favorite team. You could even go for the Highland Timber Camo if dad is trying to remain properly hydrated while hiding from deer. For more info, visit: thetailgatorglove.com

FanMug UNC Tar Heels

NCAA & NFL FanMugs

Football fans are the most loyal to their team and want to show it at all times. When dad can drink his beer, soda, bottle of water, coffee or anything else liquid out of an officially licensed helmet mug, you have to get him one. Called FanMugs, these helmets are not just for decoration – they are fully functional. The center cylinder traps the air inside the helmet so it insulates like a thermos. Hot things stay hot, cold things stay cold. The face mask is the handle and you can drop a can or bottle in the center cup and it will keep it cold. If dad is a coffee drinker, he can put his morning coffee in there because the cup is BPA free, holds 13.5 oz. and is dishwasher safe. NCAA and NFL teams available with more teams being added. Priced at around $18 a piece, this is one can koozie your dad can not live without. Browse and buy NFL FanMugs and NCAA FanMugs for your dad.

Slick Shotz Kit

Slick Shotz

Dad is always trying to save some money. Why not help him out by fighting the high prices found inside stadiums and arenas with Slick Shotz? These fully sealed 3 oz. flasks are filled at home, heat sealed and then smuggled into events. Dad likes rum and cola but hates to pay $15 for the watered down dixie cup served inside the stadium? Bring in a few Slick Shotz and buy a regular soda and now dad can mix his own drinks on the inside at a fraction of the cost. The best part is Slick Shotz are considered to be a sealed container by law enforcement unlike other sneaky flasks. Slick Shotz will catapult you to favorite sibling status in no time with all the money he will save. The full kit runs $25 and can be purchased at slickshotz.com.

dihydromyricetin molecule

Dihydromyricetin (DHM)

No one likes a hangover. Dad especially doesn’t like hangovers because more than likely he is the one that needs to get up and go to work in the morning. We discovered the hangover prevention that is in a capsule form that kills the after effects of drinking in it’s tracks. If you want the full explanation on how DHM works scientifically and read the lab reports, read our review from last year, Dihydromyricetin – Another Hangover Cure?. If you want the short answer, a bunch of lab geeks got some lab rats drunker than Ted Kennedy and then gave them DHM. The next day, the rats were behaving like normal rats while the control rats didn’t want to come out and do much of anything. Sound familiar? In short, DHM is our go to hangover prevention from here on out because of the size and ease of portability. We just ordered two more bottles and they were delivered yesterday for our upcoming trip to Omaha for the College World Series. (Follow us on Instagram and/or Twitter to witness real time the drunken jackassedness that will ensue in Omaha…) We swear by this stuff and so will dad the first time he tries it. Find DHM at Amazon.