No Tailgating At Dodger Stadium For Opening Day

Since last year, we told you how Dodger Stadium officials have banned tailgating. In a knee jerk reaction to negative behavior attributed to alcohol consumption in the Dodger Stadium parking lot, the Dodgers brass threw the baby out with the bathwater and banned tailgating all in one fell swoop. So responsible tailgaters that want to grill and tailgate with sodas and water can’t even do that. The LA Times even reported that the LAPD will even be looking to actively issue citations for any alcohol consumption and will not issue warnings. Here is a video from local KTLA channel 5 in Los Angeles.


So I ask the question to the Dodgers PR hack, Josh Rawtich…. “If it is all about a family friendly environment and that is the reason you have banned tailgating at Dodger Stadium, does that mean you will curtail all beer sales INSIDE Dodgers Stadium too”?

Oh, what’s that Mr. Rawtich? You could lose out on too much money by not selling beer inside? Oh, also you make zero money off of the beer and food consumed outside Dodger Stadium? I understand now. After all, we all just want to make it a fan friendly environment for everyone.

I would suggest, as I did a year ago, to fight back and speak with your actions. Do not go to Dodgers games and do not watch them on television. If you are fearful that more tailgating may become extinct elsewhere, you better believe it is happening. The time to act is now. Fire off a letter to the Dodgers telling them why you are not going to the games. If enough people do this, they very well may rethink their policy.