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Iowa State Tailgaters Game Bibs
We sports fans and tailgaters show our spirit and support for our team in lots of different ways. You can always paint your face or your body. (I think the episode of Seinfeld pretty much covered the face painting thing.) You can always buy out the team store and wear a jersey, a hat, Mardi Gras beads, etc. All of those options are pretty easy and quite honestly, a bit overdone. Why not show your love and devotion to your team in a way that can not be mistaken or ignored?

We as tailgaters like to stand out, be unique and let everyone in the parking lot know that we support our team, rain or shine and in good seasons and bad. We recently had the opportunity to test and try out Game Bibs which are bib overalls decked out in any stripped combination to match your team’s colors.

(Disclaimer: We did receive samples of Game Bibs for free. The fact these samples were provided to us free of charge in no way influenced our opinion of the product nor did it impact our ability to test and review the product fairly and objectively.)

Minnesota Game Bib GirlsUpon hearing that we would be testing out Game Bibs we immediately checked out their website, We were immediately struck with how many color options there were and even tried to come up with a professional or college team color combination that they did not have. We were stumped as to what team or school you could possibly come up with that did not have a Game Bib color combination. They even have black and white checkered bibs for the race fans out there and also an orange and white checkered game bibs for those Tennessee fans that want to wear the iconic orange and white checkerboard end zone design at Neyland Stadium. Speaking of college football icons, there is nobody more iconic than college football coaching legend the late Paul “Bear” Bryant and his famous houndstooth hat. Game Bibs even has a Black and White Houndstooth Game Bib for the ‘Bama fans that want to pay homage to the Bear.

In addition to the wide variations of color options, we were impressed with the variety of sizes Game Bibs offers. Ranging from XS to 3XL, Game Bibs can fit almost anyone. Game Bibs also offers smaller sizes for the littler fans in your family or tailgating group. Game Bibs are also sized for infants, toddlers and youths so there is no reason the whole family can’t show off your team pride in style. They have some sizing suggestions for adults when picking out your Game Bibs that we thought would be helpful to share.

If you are at the high end of the waist range, it is recommended that you purchase the next size up for ultimate comfort. Your waist size in bib overalls will typically be about 2-4 inches bigger than your waist size in jeans, especially if your belly hangs over your pant waist. To determine the most accurate bib overall fit for women, a general rule of thumb is to add 23 inches to the size you wear in women’s clothing. For example, if you wear a size 6 in women’s clothing your waist in bib overalls would be 29 inches and the recommended purchase size would be a Small.

Being a former college football offensive lineman myself, I went with the 2XL Game Bib size. I chose three different color combos to reflect my allegiance to my favorite teams I would typically tailgate. I got the Royal Blue and Orange Game Bib for when I tailgate and attend the Cal State Fullerton Baseball games and plan to wear my Cal State Omaha T-Shirt underneath. I also got the Navy Blue and Yellow for when I tailgate before the San Diego Chargers games which has been well documented online here. I also received the Crimson and White Game Bibs for those times I tailgate and attend University of Oklahoma football games. (Back in October we traveled to Dallas for the OU/Texas game and documented that trip on our Instagram page. These Game Bibs would have been awesome to wear to that game.)

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In addition to the wide variety of colors and sizes just in the bib overalls options, Game Bibs offer up other ways you can express you are a fan. They also offer Fitted Skirts and Sundresses for the ladies. For the guys, Game Bibs also carries Cargo Pants and Cargo Shorts. And for those Grill Sargent tailgaters out there, Game Bibs also carries Cooking Aprons.

As mentioned earlier, we received samples of Game Bibs to try on for size and comfort. As with normal bib overalls, the comfort of these babies are unmatched. Depending on your body type if you have longer legs or a longer torso, the shoulder straps are fully adjustable. The inseam length is plenty long too so if you have shorter legs you may need to hem the inseam or just roll the bottoms. Because the inseam might need adjusting to your personal leg length, I immediately thought Game Bibs would work perfectly in concert with The Whizdom too.

Purple and Yellow Game Bib OverallsGame Bibs have deep back pockets to hold your wallet and most women like to carry their cell phones in their back pockets. Plenty of room back there even for those larger sized smart phones with the huge screens. Game Bibs have front pockets too for your keys and any other items you want to have with you while tailgating or to take inside the game. Game Bibs also have a front zipper fly for the guys when nature calls. Also, if you want to bring in some extra hooch into the game and not pay the high concession stand prices, Game Bibs would be perfect to bring in and conceal a Freedom Flask.

The front bib has a large pocket too along with a thinner pocket to place a pen or even a victory cigar. When wearing my Game Bibs I preferred to place my smart phone in the front pouch pocket for easy access and also to be able to hear it easier. Sometimes the tailgating parking lot can be a loud place and you can’t always hear your cell phone ring if someone is calling to ask where to meet you or ask directions on how to park next to you. By placing my phone in the front pocket it is closer to my ears and thus reducing the chances of missing an important call because I couldn’t hear it. Also, your phone is right there at your finger tips so you won’t miss capturing your buddy doing his first Flamingo Beer Bong.

The obvious benefits of Game Bibs is not only the comfort of wearing bib overalls but the fact there is NO WAY there will be any doubt as to which team you support. A pair of jeans and a jersey just doesn’t cut it for some people. And for those people, they need to express their love and devotion to their team in a big way. When you wear Game Bibs you aren’t just tapping someone on the shoulder and whispering you are a fan. By wearing Game Bibs you are grabbing them by the shirt collar and getting two inches from their face and screaming “I’M A FAN!!!!“. (Figuratively, of course.)

If you are a bit of a wallflower and don’t want to be noticed while out tailgating, Game Bibs are not for you. But if you are a casual fan and want to up your game and make sure there is no shred of doubt which team you love, Game Bibs are a must have. After thoroughly testing Game Bibs we are going to label them “Tailgate Approved”. The comfort along with the price and durability make Game Bibs unmatched when it comes to expressing your devotion and spirit for your team without saying a word in the tailgating parking lot.

Game Bibs are made from 100% cotton fabric and are priced around $50 for the traditional bib overalls. Infant, toddler and youth sizes along with the women’s sundresses, skirts and men’s cargo shorts and cargo pants are priced less than $50. If you want to save 10% on your first order of Game Bibs, you can get your discount by following Game Bibs on Twitter (@GameBibs) liking them on Facebook or joining their email list.

Game Bibs would make the perfect gift for any tailgater on your shopping list. Just imagine the look on their face when they open up these bib overalls in their favorite team’s colors just in time to go to the game that weekend.

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