Cooking Channel Seeks Food Enthusiasts

cooking channel logoNo matter what aspect about tailgating that you enjoy the most, we can all agree that if food is lacking at your tailgate it really doesn’t qualify as a tailgate in the first place. Because we as a tailgating nation are so passionate about the foods we bring to the parking lot or grill up right there on the black tops across America, the Cooking Channel is seeking tailgaters for a new campaign.

The Cooking Channel is looking for people who have something to say about their food passion. They want people who love and live food and would like to be part of this project.  If this sounds like you, just send the casting folks a picture and quick description of who you are and what makes you a Food Person. They’ll be interviewing the chosen few where they work, grow, cook, create, or tailgate and using that footage for an upcoming campaign for the network.

If interested, email: and include in the subject line “Casting call for Cooking channel”. Good luck to those who would like to appear on this campaign. Represent the tailgating nation well!