Buy From and Support a Good Cause

cornhole_logo.gif With the coming college football and NFL seasons about a month away, isn’t it about time you replaced your old and busted cornhole set with a brand new one? We first told you about over a year ago and how the quality craftsmanship of their cornhole boards are second to none. If that were not enough incentive for you to upgrade your existing cornhole boards I have one word for you that might just help make your decision easier. Grace.

You see J.P. Ragon is the co-owner of and his daughter, Grace, was diagnosed with Vanishing White Matter Disease. Vanishing White Matter Disease is a type of leukodystrophy. At this time there is no cure for Vanishing White Matter Disease or leukodystrophy, only treatments. Grace is currently seven years old and will be entering second grade in the fall.

Because the co-owner’s daughter is a special needs child diagnosed with Vanishing White Matter Disease a percentage of every sale is donated to the United Leukodystrophy Foundation (ULF). The ULF is a nonprofit, voluntary health organization dedicated to providing patients and their families with information about their disease and assistance in identifying sources of medical care, social services and genetic counseling. Needless to say this is a great organization that provides hope and comfort to not only patients with leukodystrophy but to their family members that care for them.

So if you are in the market for a new set of cornhole boards please consider buying them from To learn more about Vanishing White Matter Disease, Leukodystrophy and the United Leukodystrophy Foundation, visit To get you newest set of cornhole boards visit