Daiquiri Whacker Review

From time to time we get emails from readers submitting their own tailgating gear review of a product that our team of writers have yet to review ourselves. These guest reviews are always welcome because they provide a little deeper perspective from those tailgaters out there in the lots week in and week out. This particular review comes from Tom Slyman on Long Island, New York. Here’s his email and his review of the Daiquiri Whacker.

Daiquiri Whacker

Hello. I noticed on the website that you may need some people to write articles. I am an avid tailgater and would love to share my thoughts with others. To give you a little information on myself, I am 29 and more of a gadget tailgater than a cooker. I subscribe to tailgater monthly magazine, and try to check out all of the tailgating websites, constantly looking for new items/ideas. I enjoy having the new toys, and things that people have never seen. It is great to see the people‚Äôs reaction as they ask “where the hell did you get that?”

Among some of my toys I bring out are sports craft ladder ball, Eddie Bauer bean bag toss, Daiquiri Whacker gas blender, Jagermeister shot dispensing cooler, cooler scooter (250 watt), cruzin cooler (33cc gas) Side kick score keepers, Tailgate Partymate hitch tables, and many other various little crowd pleasers. My tailgate venues normally consist of concerts (Jimmy Buffet being the best one), Fire department drill team races, camping, and back yard tailgating. The tailgating I am most looking forward to this year is Kenny Chesney, and the pumpkin chunkin contest shown on discovery channel. My review of the Daiquiri Whacker follows:

(Before we get to the review, here is a video of the Daiquiri Whacker in use at a tailgate party)


Out of all the tailgating gadgets I bring to game day, I have one that comes no matter what the tailgating event may be. The Daiquiri Whacker. This 26CC Gas powered blender will help kick start any party. As soon as you fire this up, people will start to come over to your spot wanting to see what all the noise is from. It sounds like you are constantly revving out a dirt bike. And once they see what all the commotion is about, you can bet they are going to want to try it.

Unlike some other gas blenders, The Daiquiri Whacker utilizes a wrist throttle, and for some reason people love trying to rev this baby up. I can honestly say that this is one of those game day toys I have bought, that has very little downfall, and lives up to its expectations.

It has a small easy start 2 cycle engine (gas and oil mix). The clear cylinder allows you to see what you are blending to make sure it is done; although with 26CC’s backing it, you do not have to worry about ice not being blended!

As for cons to this product, other than your margarita mix budget will go through the roof from everyone wanting to try it (and the price of gas!), is transporting it. Like most gas filled items, the Daiquiri Whacker should be stored on a flat level surface. I have had a couple instances of it tipping over on the way to a game and my truck smelling of gas. I would also suggest getting a second pitcher with it. Although not needed, this will make life easier if you plan on doing different types of blended drinks.

Overall I would buy this product again and recommend it to any of my neighbors in the parking lot!

Thanks Tom for the review. If other readers know of a product we have yet to review and you would like to submit your own review for consideration, contact us. Who knows. Maybe we will use your review in an up coming blog post.