Mailbag: ETQ LPG Generators

If you’ve been a longtime reader of this tailgating blog, you probably remember we did a tailgating gear review of the Eastern Tools & Equipment LPG 3500 watt generator back in 2009. What sets this generator apart from others is that it uses the same liquid propane gas that you would use to fire up your tailgating grill. So instead of getting propane and then filling up a gas can full of unleaded to power your generator, just get two propane cylinders and you are good to go.

Every now and then we’ll field email questions asking for more information regarding a particular product we have reviewed in the past. A few weeks ago a reader was asking about the ETQ LPG 3500 and was seriously considering buying one based on our review. Yesterday we received this email from Cory letting us know what came of his decision.

Hey ya Dave, I just wanted to thank you again for the info and the original video review you were able to provide in regards to the ETQ Propane Generator. I decided to go with them and get TWO of them! I made the wheel kits you’re about to see. Just wanted to thank ya again!

Cory, Missouri

The photo of the two generators is below

ETQ LPG Wheel kits

If you want to get the ETQ LPG Generator for yourself, you can get them through Northern Tools & Equipment.

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