Beer Pong Swing Towel

Beer Pong Hip TowelWhether playing beer pong while tailgating or just at a friend’s house, you always here someone say, “Get your balls wet”. Yes, very funny. We get the double entendre about having wet balls. Okay, moving on…

Many times after sinking a cup and subsequently putting the ball through the wash cup, many players will roll the ball on their shirt or pant leg in order to dry off the moisture. Most do this so they can have a firm grip and not have the water make the ball slippery in their fingers. You definitely do not want to miss the winning cup because the ball slipped out of your fingers because they were wet. That’s when you’ll need the Beer Pong Swing Towel. Take a look at this video of the Beer Pong Swing Towel in use at a tailgate party.


Now I know what you are thinking. “Hey, it just looks like a golf towel with a belt loop clip attached to it.” For all means and purposes you are correct. However, the main difference is that the Beer Pong Swing Towel is patented in that it is the only towel that is wearable. I do not claim to be a patent attorney or know patent law all that well but I will take the manufacturer’s word for it.

beer pong towel tailgatingI was sent a sampling of Beer Pong Swing Towels and tried them out. I just clipped the towel to one of my belt loops and there it stayed without needing any adjustments. The biggest thing I liked was the convenience. There was no searching around for a towel to dry off the ball or draping it over one of the support braces of the beer pong table. It was right there, hip level and easily accessible when I needed it.

Spills are inevitable while paying beer pong and so is searching for a towel to handle those spills. I also found the Beer Pong Swing Towel unclipped easily for use away from the body when mopping up spills and splashes. Also, the beer pong towel’s unique design lets everyone know you have arrived and are a serious beer pong player.

If you would like to get a Beer Pong Swing Towel or a set of towels, they will run you $5.95 plus shipping for a single towel. If you prefer two, go with the “Team” Towel Set of 2 which is $9.95 plus shipping.

To order your own Beer Pong Swing Towel, click HERE.