Tailgating Video: The Louisville Chugger

Every now and then we come across a tailgating video that is just too good not too share. This time around it looks to be a classic demonstration of how to perform the tailgating game “Louisville Chugger”.


If you couldn’t tell how the game is played by the video, here are the basic steps you will need follow in order to play “Louisville Chugger” at your next tailgate party:

1. Take a plastic wiffle ball bat and cut off one of the ends. (preferably the handle end)
2. Pour in a can of beer or two.
3. Chug the beer from the bat while friends time how long it takes you to finish. They can use their watch but most just count out loud how many seconds it takes you to pound the beer.
4. Once the beer is all gone put your head on the bat and make as many revolutions around the bat as it took seconds to finish the beer. (i.e. it took you 8 seconds to chug the beer, you now have to make eight spins around the bat.)
5. Have a tailgating neighbor toss the empty can at you so that you can try to hit it.
6. Hilarity ensues.

Sorry folks. No one ever said tailgating was above moronic and childish behavior.