Bocce Nation If you are out tailgating and you are playing tailgating games, more than likely you are throwing something. Tossing games seem to dominate the tailgating parking lots across the America. Games like cornhole, beer pong, washers and ladder golf are the four horsemen when it comes to tailgating games. Those games seem to be everywhere so if you want to try something new, why not play one of the oldest games known the man? Bocce Ball.

Bocce Ball has been around for centuries sharing a common ancestry from the ancient games played in the Roman Empire before evolving into its present form. Since the game has been around since the dawn of time, why are you reading about it just now? Because recently developed Bocce-in-a-Bag, a complete Bocce Ball game set with the tailgater in mind. Fully self-contained and easily transportable to a tailgate party, the Bocce-in-a-Bag set will help your tailgate stand out from all the others. Take a look at the game in real tailgating environments. (Click images to see larger views)

We’ve all seen the standard Bocce Ball set that is collecting dust in your grandparents’ basement. Bocce Nation has taken the standard Bocce Ball set and brought it into the 21st Century. I was fortunate to have received a sample Bocce-in-a-Bag game set complimentary. When I opened the bag I was surprised to see more than just a Little White Ball (LWB) and eight colored bocce balls. In the Bocce-in-a-Bag comes a drink holder / scorecard holder that you can place in the ground. In addition to that all important tailgating accessory, the kit also came with an all-weather, portable (36′ x 7′) bocce court with stakes. The one thing I liked the most was “The Determinator”. This is a patent pending measuring device that it a stick with a plastic cup on the end that goes over the LWB. When trying to determine which team’s ball is closest to the LWB, place the Determinator over the LWB. A tape measure is conveniently located on this device so you can measure out those distances to the LWB exactly without having to eye ball it and guess. Very cool and very handy in order to squash those potential arguments from “overly competitive tailgate gamer” type of guy. Take a look at how to play Bocce Ball from this quick demo video that Bocce Nation put together.


So now that you know how to play Bocce Ball, there is no excuse to have to settle for the same old, boring tailgating game next time you hit the parking lot. To review the specs on the Bocce Nation Bocce-in-a-Bag kit:

  • All-weather, portable (36’ x 7’) bocce court with stakes.
  • Bocce and beverage scoring stand with scoreboard and beverage holder.
  • simplified rules scoreboard and six (6) scoring arrows.
  • “LWB” 60mm “Little White Ball.”
  • Eight (8) custom-colored 107mm bocce balls.
  • How to play bocce rule book.
  • “The Determinator” patent pending bocce measuring device.
  • Custom All-In-One carrying case with shoulder strap.

The Bocce-in-a-Bag kit will run you $139.00 when you purchase it online from Also, be sure to check out their Facebook fan page which can be found HERE.