Over EZ Hangover Prevention

Over EZ Hangover Prevention Review

Drinking a few beers while tailgating is as common as face paint and tossing the pigskin in between cars. Tipping more than a few while tailgating is also common and can result in a hangover the next day. Since most NFL games take place on a Sunday, a hangover on Monday makes for an awful start to your week.

Over the years we have tested and tried a number of hangover cures and prevention products. Some have been great and others have been a bit lacking. Of the ones that were effective, the main complaint is that they were too cumbersome. Most needed you to take multiple pills or the liquid hangover prevention came in a can and was not easily transported. We recently encountered Over EZ Hangover Prevention Supplement. At first glance, the simplicity of the packaging looked to solve the portability issues associated with the other successful hangover cures we had tried.

Take a look at the following video to get an idea of what Over EZ is all about and how it started.

YouTube video

One capsule is all it takes. If you feel like you are going to tie one on, take Over EZ when having your first drink. If you think you are only going to have a few drinks but the tailgate goes longer and you have a few more than expected? No worries. Take the Over EZ capsule even if you have already had a few. The small foil package easily fits in your wallet, pocket, purse, etc. and is easily consumed.

If you follow @TailgatingIdeas on Twitter, you are probably familiar that our founder who enjoys craft beer. With over 750 check-ins on 640 distinct beers on Untappd, it is an undisputed fact that he is highly qualified to properly test a hangover prevention. But before we get into Dave’s findings and results on using the Over EZ Hangover Prevention Supplement, let’s see a side by side video of two twins A-B testing Over EZ. (If anything, watch the video because these twin girls are GORGEOUS!)

YouTube video

As you saw in the video, one twin was given a multi-vitamin and the other was given the Over EZ. One was hungover the next day and the other felt fine.

Our experience was similar. In testing the Over EZ, we set out to one of our favorite places, Board & Brew in Anaheim Hills. The day we targeted was the evening that Noble Ale Works did a tap take over. Noble is one of our favorite craft breweries in Orange County, Calif. so we knew we would be sampling quite a few pints of high ABV beers. (We took Lyft and Uber all night so as to avoid drinking and driving.)

Over EZ Hangove Prevention Supplement Ingredients
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After we closed Board and Brew, we headed over to La Mirada to take in some live music. A friend of ours is the lead singer in the band Mean Machine. Of course more beers there and maybe a few shots mixed in when the band took a break. Needless to say, I was rather intoxicated by the end of the night.

To properly test the Over EZ Hangover Prevention Supplement, my wife and I both took our single capsule in between venues. It was strange to us because other capsule hangover prevention methods we had tried, we needed to take four or six of them to get the desired effect. Just one capsule in the middle of drinking quite a few beers was foreign to us and we were skeptical that just one capsule would do the trick when conducting the test.

The proof was the next morning. We both were fine and did not have the effects of a hangover. No kidding.

After testing Over EZ, this is one product that is “Tailgate Approved”. Easily portable and small enough to fit in your pocket, this is one hangover prevention you will want to stock in your tailgating kit. If your tailgate goes long or you have a guest who has had a few too many, break out one of these little packets and they will forever been grateful.

Over EZ comes in a box that contains 12 packets. A 12-pack costs $30 from Amazon.

The question is, what would you pay to not have a hangover and have a great Monday morning after a tailgate? I can tell you in my experience, $5 is well worth it to bypass the hangover while stilling drinking without remorse while tailgating.

To connect with Over EZ on social media, find them on Twitter @overezlifestyle, Facebook, Pintrest and Instagram. For more information, visit over-ez.com.

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