Beer Review: Hinano

The two things I love the mostImage by Sapo Essay via Flickr

When in Rome you do as the Romans do… So when you’re in Tahiti, you drink Hinano.

Anyone that’s been to Tahiti will tell you that the trip included great diving, incredible views everywhere you turn and lots of Hinano. For those that haven’t tried Hinano, you may still be familiar with the trademark island girl logo that has found its way on too many clothing items. My first Hinano was tried about a week before my wife and I left on our honeymoon. Her cousins had been there and had a party for us and served this beer. The first time I tried it I wasn’t blown away or felt the need to rush out and get it again… fact it was good but forgettable. While in Tahiti however, I fell in love with this beer and it’s hard to find a photo of our honeymoon without one of these beers in my hand. Emotions and memories aside… let’s review Hinano.

Appearance: Hinano is a light golden beer that when poured into my Hinano glass is very similar to a domestic light beer. It has a light white head to it that settles quickly.

Smell: The smell is light and crisp with not distinct aroma characteristic other than grain.

Taste: Very light in flavor with a crispness that would fool you into thinking you were drinking a domestic light if you didn’t know the difference. Hinano has little in the area of aftertaste either which makes it easy drinking especially on a hot day.

Alcohol: 5% which makes it at or above average.

Availability: Hinano is brewed in Tahiti but is available just about anywhere. It comes in bottle form as well as in can making it easy for tailgating.

Cost: Unless you have a soft spot for Hinano, this is the area that might keep you away. For a six pack of 11.51 oz (yes, not 12 oz.) it will cost you at Bevmo $8.29 for the cans, six-pack of bottles runs $9.69 and the 16.9 oz bottle (my favorite) will set you back $2.49.

Final Thought: Hinano is a very ordinary beer when I sit back and take emotion and memories out of it. If I’m at a tailgate and I see it in the cooler I would grab it without hesitation just for the memories. If you are grading it on its merits alone….. ordinary. That being said, it would be a good tailgate beer for those looking for something different but not looking to shock those who never move away from the normal. It’s light, refreshing, goes down very easy and comes in both can and bottle form. This would be a great beer at any island style tailgate or before a Jimmy Buffett show.