Beer Review: Redhook ESB

Redhook ESB

Recently a great article was posted on about the most annoying tailgaters. (It was so good that the traffic it brought in killed the host server.)

One type of annoying tailgater that failed to make the list is the guy who shows up to the parking lot without the most essential tailgating item… BEER! In order to keep you from being “that guy”, let’s dive into another beer review. This time around we are going to be reviewing a craft brew from the state of Washington called Redhook ESB. This beer is brewed by the fine folks of Redhook Brewery who not only bring us ESB, but several other flavors including beers called Blackhook and Long Hammer IPA. For those familiar with ESB’s (Extra Special Bitters) this will be a familiar flavor with a lighter bite.

About a year ago I had the good fortune to go on a beer tasting tour of Seattle and stopped by this brewery and took the tour. For all of you interested in craft brews, I strongly suggest visiting local breweries if possible to not only sample fresh beer from the tap, but new creations that the brewer may be working on. Unless you plan on being in Woodinville, Washington anytime soon, grab a bottle at the store and let’s review:

Appearance: Redhook ESB is characterized as an amber and when poured into a Redhook pint glass, it had a copper-like shade to it with a light, white stained head.

Smell: Not the strong smell you would expect from an ESB, but pleasant with a presence of hops and roasted malts.

Taste: Has a crisp hops bitterness that lingers into the aftertaste. This beer also has a mild citrus balance which gives Redhook ESB a more mild flavor than the traditional ESB’s.

Alcohol: 5.8%

Cost/Availability: Bottle only and I picked up a six-pack for $7.49.

Final Thoughts: Redhook Brewery produces exactly what they state on the bottle, “Liquid Goodness Since 1982.” The ESB style is no exception and would be a fine choice at a tailgate party. This beer is advertised as one that goes well with grilled meats so that may come in handy. Although it isn’t my favorite beer that Redhook puts out, it’s easy drinking and light enough to enjoy on a hot day while having enough substance to stand up to the cold. Guests may find this beer to be strong on the bitter side but it is mild enough to not scare away the timid. Thanks again for all the suggestions and have a safe good time in the parking lot.

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