Pong University: Custom Printed Beer Pong Balls

In June of 2008, Pong University sent me a sleeve of beer pong ball custom printed with the Tailgating Ideas logo on them. In all honesty they were all right and were not anything spectacular. But that was over a year an a half ago. Since that time and my initial exposure to Pong University’s custom beer pong balls, the company has undergone a number of changes. I guess you could say they are under new ownership and new management and their attention to detail and quality is impeccable. Just check out the recent batch of custom beer pong balls I received last week and judge for yourself.


As you can see from the above photo, the quality of the image on the beer pong balls has greatly improved over the last sample I was sent. Since undergoing massive changes (for the better might I add) Pong University has a newly redesigned website and offers custom printed and blank beer pong balls. They also require no minimum quantities, colored balls are available and they only use high quality 40mm seamless balls.

So if you have been apprehensive about getting custom printed beer pong balls from Pong University, don’t be. The restructuring of the company has produced a high quality product that you will notice right away. Give them a try and you will be happy you did.