Custom Printed Beer Pong Balls Perfect For Tailgating

custom_beer_pong_balls.jpg It never ceases to amaze me the really cool tailgating gear that is out there on the market. I recently came across Pong University that carries all things beer pong and party related. The coolest thing on there? Custom printed beer pong balls. And staying true to their name of being an online “University”, their website has the most comprehensive explanation of the rules and regulations of beer pong I have ever seen. (As if you didn’t know how to play already.) Pong University also sells beer pong tables, cornhole sets, beer hats and flashing barware, the most colever items on their website have to be the customizable beer pong balls.

Just imagine showing up at your next tailgate party not only with your own portable beer pong table but with beer pong balls that have any logo you choose. Maybe your two-man beer pong team has been undefeated for years. Make sure to let the other team know just exactly who is dropping the hammer on their pansy asses with customizable beer pong balls. Think of the opposing team’s humiliation of not only having to fish out ball after ball out of their cups but to have to look at your team’s logo while doing it. That will get inside their head big time.

…Make sure to let the other team know just exactly who is dropping the hammer on their pansy asses with customizable beer pong balls…

All beer pong balls from Pong University are 40mm ping pong balls (that’s regulation size) and all beer pong balls are seamless, meaning there are no indentions running around the center. They have a variety of colors including Blue, Pink, Orange, Green, Red, Gold, Silver, White, Black, Purple and even glow in the dark beer pong balls. They can even do a custom color but the minimum order is about 2,500 balls on those. The custom beer pong balls can be ordered in two variations: single color imprints for text and one-color logos and then the option of full-color imprints designed for photos and multi-colored logos.

Speaking of logos, make sure when you submit your logo that you own the copyright to that image. Pong University does not share any personal information with any outside sources and the customer assumes the responsibility for obtaining the rights to any artwork they submit. Just make sure to get permission from your favorite college or pro sports team before submitting that logo to Pong University for your custom beer pong ball order. You know, just in case NFL representatives are randomly roaming the tailgating scene checking for unauthorized use of its team’s logos on beer pong balls…

Check out Pong University and get your own custom beer pong balls. Nothing spruces up your next tailgate party more than a custom logo on your beer pong balls.