Weekend Wrap #16: Playboy Playmate Edition

news_wrap.jpgYes, you read that headline correctly. There is a link hidden right up front that links a Playboy Playmate professing she thinks tailgating is romantic and sexy. Where did they find this gorgeous creature? Hooters, of course. If that wasn’t enough incentive to keep reading we have links about fraternity tailgate parties, a grill that puts out close to a half million BTUs, NASCAR tailgating and more videos from the recent Jimmy Buffett tailgate party. On top of all that I will include links that not only deal with issues facing tailgaters but other topics that tailgaters across the board would be interested in. A great example would be Don Chavez has an online guide to the Top 10 Father’s Day Gifts. Just be careful when you visit ‘ol Don Chavez. Some of the stuff over there is sometimes NSFW including the opening photo of that list.

Alright, on with the links…

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