Tailgating Round-up: Inaugural Edition

You may recall a while back we used to have a weekend round up that included news stories and blog articles dealing with tailgating. We got away from that but have recently received emails from those of you that missed it.

After all, we can’t be everywhere so why not let tailgaters pick and choose what articles they may find informative or insightful? What better source than those on the ground covering the lifestyle that is tailgating?

Back by popular demand – our tailgating news round up:

HeavyLenny Dykstra Hilariously Asks Eagles Fans for Tailgating Tips
Knoxville NewsRenovations scheduled to start soon on Vol Navy Dock
Black Shoe DiariesWhat’s Your Ideal Tailgate Spread?
The SpunNorthwestern coach Pat Fitzgerald rants that fans prefer watching college football at home rather than in person and experience the tailgating
WISN 12Milwaukee Brewers new bag policy for 2020 could impact your tailgate party