Video: Lousiville Chugger FAIL

Someone once said, “No man is completely useless; he can always be used as a bad example.” This guy embodies that quote.

Watch the video and although this guy’s technique is horrible from not finishing his beer, his inept spinning routine and failing to get a swing on the can, he does get bonus points for setting off a car alarm by bouncing his head off the bumper.

YouTube video

Listen up people. You are embarrassing yourselves out there in the tailgating parking lots.

Back in 2008 we posted How To Properly Do The Louisville Chugger but apparently nobody is paying attention. This video is proof positive that you all need a refresher course on this topic.

And by the way, please stop calling it “Dizzy Bat“. That name is reserved for 9-year olds doing this without the beer while running up the foul lines in between innings at a baseball game.