Weekend Wrap #41: OU vs. UF Edition

news_wrap.jpgWas anyone really surprised when the final BCS rankings came out and Oklahoma and Florida were matched up to play in the National Championship game? This time of the year the BCS is about as predictable as an 80 year-old about an hour after a bran muffin. I am sure the whinners down in Austin will be screaming about beating Oklahoma in October. I am sure the fans in Oxford will be making the same claim about their defeat of Florida. Until we get a college football playoff, this is what we are stuck with. And speaking of stuck with, is anyone planning on watching the Orange Bowl? With all apologies to our writer Nick Jancaitis (A rabid Hokies fan) but I doubt there are too many people nationwide marking their calendars for a Virginia Tech vs. Cincinnati BCS Bowl game. For your sake, hopefully your college football team went to a bowl. If not, there is always next year, of course if you are not Notre Dame… Ouch! With that said, on with this week’s links.

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