Is Kenny Chesney The New Jimmy Buffett?

kenny-chesney-tailgating.jpg I had the opportunity to read my colleague Stephen Linn’s blog post on The Ultimate Tailgater and it got me to thinking. Is tailgating before a Kenny Chesney concert replacing the raucous party atmosphere that is tailgating prior to a Jimmy Buffett concert?

I will admit it. I have never been to a Kenny Chesney concert nor have I been to a Kenny Chesney tailgate party. I have been to a few Jimmy Buffett tailgate parties and they have been the experience of a lifetime. I think so highly of tailgating before a Jimmy Buffett concert I placed it as one of the items to put on your tailgating bucket list.

Lately I have been seeing a lot more articles and photos of people tailgating a Kenny Chesney concert than Jimmy Buffett. From what I have seen on the Internet it looks the Kenny Chesney tailgaters want to take the tailgating title away from the Parrottheads. Take a look at these two videos from YouTube and you be the judge.

Kenny Chesney Tailgating (Jump to about 1 minute into this video to get to the tailgating footage.)


Jimmy Buffett Tailgating


I would love to hear from someone that has been to both a Kenny Chesney and a Jimmy Buffett tailgate party and can provide an adequate comparison between the two. If you could only attend one concert tailgate party this year, which one would it be?

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