Weekend Wrap #43: Crappy Bowls Edition

news_wrap.jpgSo I turn on my TV today thinking I would catch a college basketball game. To my surprise college football was on. Hooray! Then I looked at who was playing. Navy vs. Wake Forrest in the EagleBank Bowl… Are you serious? And the bowl games that followed weren’t much better. Colorado State vs. Fresno State in the New Mexico Bowl and Memphis vs. South Florida in the St. Petersburg Bowl. Does any city or state just automatically get a bowl game now? What’s the criteria to host a bowl game? Ask the NCAA nicely? Seems a bit ridiculous to me but then again, who the hell am I? And do you think anyone is tailgating these games? I sure hope so in order to make these games more bearable. So as you suffer through BYU vs. Arizona, here are some links to hopefully inform and amuse you.

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