Video: Visa – Illegal Use of the Head

Last week we shared with you the video from Visa in which our founder, Dave Lamm, was a participant in their media campaign prior to the Super Bowl encouraging people to #makeitepic. (If you missed it, this is what we are talking about – The Best Spread to Pair With an Epic Super Bowl)

In that video, Dave only said “Hot Wings” which lasted for about a second. (Not to feel too bad, three-time Super Bowl Champion Mark Schlereth got less face time than Dave when he said “tacos”.) This week another batch of videos were released by Visa and one in particular, included our fearless leader with a little more face time. You need to check it out below:

YouTube video

Watch it directly on YouTube by clicking HERE

If you couldn’t tell, these quick videos are designed for NFL fans to interact with Visa to now share their own ideas and thoughts on how they will make their Super Bowl Sunday an epic party nobody will soon forget. To help pay for that epic Super Bowl bash, tweet @Visa and include #makeitepic along with your idea of what makes an epic Super Bowl party. By doing so you have a daily chance to win one of five $50 Visa gift cards. The window of opportunity is closing fast and you have until February 3rd to get your tweets to Visa noticed.

For those asking questions about the girl that appears in this particular video with Dave, she is Megan Collins. She is a blogger and runs the blog: Style Girlfriend. That site is all about fashion and style advice aimed at guys from a girl’s perspective. Basically she is trying to cool you guys up a bit in the style department so that a living, breathing woman will actually talk to you. I have seen some of the stuff you guys wear in the parking lots while tailgating and you guys should bookmark her site… Just sayin’. You can also follow her on Twitter: @StyleGF.