#MyFootballFantasy Ultimate Tailgate Edition

You may recall that last year I worked in conjunction with Visa to help promote their #MakeItEpic campaign in advance of the Super Bowl. I am glad to announce that Visa has again tabbed TailgatingIdeas.com as an influential blog to help promote their #MyFootballFantasy Contest which will fulfill the fantasies of select football fans. I am blogging on behalf of the Visa #MyFootballFantasy Campaign and receive compensation for my time, but the thoughts, opinions, words and promotions are all mine and not that of Visa.

Because Visa will be selecting those fantasies of football fans and making them a reality, I thought it would be fun to submit my own. You can read my first fantasy, which was more of a Tailgating Fantasy, but still had lots of football included. Right before Thanksgiving I also submitted #MyFootballFantasy Turkey Bowl where I thought it would be awesome to have a couple of ringers, namely Drew Brees play quarterback and Jim Harbaugh call the plays, on my team. Imagine the look on my friends’ faces when we roll up with these guys to play on Thanksgiving day.

YouTube video

I came up with another football fantasy that I would like to submit to Visa. #MyFootballFantasy I would like to see come to life would be to host Julio Jones at my own tailgate party.

Think about it. Back in October, the Atlanta Falcons placed Julio Jones on injured reserve after suffering a foot injury that would require season-ending surgery. You know Julio has been bored out of his mind since the surgery not being able to play football. After all, how many games of Madden can the guy play? Also, since Julio Jones was a star player from the day he stepped foot on campus at college, he probably has never experienced a really stellar tailgate party. College and NFL coaches tend to frown on their players showing up to pre-game introductions with BBQ sauce spilled on their jersey from attending a pregame tailgate. Due to that, I think it would be nice to show a star NFL player how to enjoy a real tailgate. And since Julio Jones is on the injured reserve for the rest of the season, he won’t get in trouble for tailgating before the game.

Make it happen Visa. If not this year, maybe next year.

Now that you have read #MyFootballFantasy, how about yours? You can submit yours to Visa HERE and if they find yours to be the most fun and creative, you could have your football fantasy fulfilled.

Key entry details: Enter at vi.sa/ENTER_INF05, follow Visa on Twitter or Instagram, submit your fantasy (up to value of $100K) and #MyFootballFantasy @Visa. Use Visa to enter OR mail-in with No Purchase Required – 18+ US resident. Judged on creativity, Visa’s & NFL’s brand image, match-to-theme & ability to fulfill. Thru 2/2/14 at 12am. 1 entry per person. http://vi.sa/RULES_0908t1

So what are you waiting for? Do you think you can come up with something better than hosting Julio Jones at your own NFL tailgate party? If so, submit it to Visa HERE and possibly your football fantasy can come true.