Video: Tailgating grill by Poplin Fabrication

When we first saw this video, the initial reaction was, “wow, cool!”. Then after watching it to the end, we had a few questions about the actual functionality of this prototype unit. Watch it for yourself and see if you have the same questions as us.

YouTube video

Here are our questions that were unanswered in the video:

– How heavy is this thing? Does it take two to three grown men to attach it to the rear of your vehicle?
– What is the side compartment underneath the beer tap for? Is that just general storage or a place to put your CO2 bottle in order to push the beer through the tap?
– We see the beer tap but where do you put your keg? Do you have to have it iced down in a tub behind the unit?
– Is there a place to hang your license plate so a state trooper doesn’t pull you over?
– By running the marine stereo off of your car battery, how long can it run before you need a jump start to get home?

No doubt it looks very cool but with all these questions we have, we are seriously doubting how practical this would be in a real tailgating environment. If the guys from Poplin Fabrication are reading this and want to send us one so we can test it out and review it, let us know.