Johnsonville Big Taste Grill

440,000, yes that’s four hundred forty thousand, BTU’s. Thats the amount of propane produced power pumped out by Johnsonville’s Big Taste Grill. Combine that with enough grill space to hold 750 brats at a single time, and you’ve got the recipe for a machine built to spit out 2500 piping hot brats in an hour. This thing is a tailgaters dream. (Although I bet the cost to park a vehicle of this size would be more than I make in a day.) I’ve known about this behemoth for some time, but seeing it in person was something that had alluded me until yesterday when it was parked in Clemmons, NC, not far from where I live. Needless to say I was not going to miss the opportunity to see it. I even managed to snap a few pics between bites of bratwurst. ¬†Unfortunately I arrived a little later that I wanted to so I didn’t get to see the grill in operation, but it’s still pretty cool just the same.


The Big Taste Grill tours all over the country, and Grill Master Tucker informed me that they’ll be on the road for pretty much the rest of the year. In addition to this Johnsonville shares the proceeds from these events with local and national charities. For example yesterday monies went to the March of Dimes, which as an expectant father I had no problem supporting. If you’d like to see the Grill for yourself you can check out it’s touring scheduling at it’s homepage here. You can also read their blog and learn a little more about the grill.