The 6 craziest tailgating foods on the planet

I guarantee you’ve seen posts about the top recipes for tailgating food. Maybe post for the top recipes for tailgating appetizers. But I’m sure you’d be hard pressed to find a post about the craziest food you can bring to your tailgate. Good thing we did it for you! And we promise, people will actually love these foods.

Bacon wrapped Oreos
Photo courtesy of The Huffington Post

1. Bacon Wrapped Oreos – Honestly, it’s un-American to not like bacon-wrapped Oreos. I mean, look at them!!! You get literally every flavor imaginable from eating one of those bad boys. Make sure you check out the recipe and bring them to your next tailgate. Your friends will thank you.

Insanely hot chicken wings
Photo courtesy of sausagekingofseattle Flickr

2. Insanely Hot Chicken Wings – Everyone loves chicken wings, and we found a unique recipe that will get your mouth watering and tongue burning. It includes mango, habanero peppers, and ginger. This recipe is NOT for the weak. But if you can handle it, you’ll win some hardcore admirers at your tailgate. It’s just the sauce, so make sure to find some tasty chicken wings to marinate!

Chocholate Chili
Photo courtesy of All You

3. Chocolate Chili – Again, chili is a classic and a must at any staple. But chocolate in chili? Are you crazy?? Actually, according to, adding a bar of Hershey chocolate really melds the flavors together, and most people can’t even tell! Definitely worth a try.

Spicy Taco Cheese Ball
Photo courtesy of Allrecipes

4. Spicy Taco Cheese Ball – Perfect for dipping and definitely a nice change of pace from the typical salsa. These are also insanely easy to make and super spicy. Make sure you get some for yourself at the tailgate! We guarantee you these taco cheese balls will be a huge hit.

Mauio Onion Pineapple Relish
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5. Maui Onion and Pineapple Relish – The name says it all. So this one isn’t too crazy, but instead of feeling like you’re surrounded by thousands of other screaming fans (and let’s be real, you definitely are one of them) this dish will whisk you away to the beautiful beaches of Hawaii. It’s sweet and savory and tastes incredible on top of your perfectly cooked burgers or dogs. Check out the recipe at

Cowboy Caviar
Photo courtesy of DitchTheDrive-Thru

6. Cowboy Caviar – Now of course this isn’t real caviar. But it’ll be so damn good people will think you paid a fortune for the ingredients to make it. Actually, it’s really just a base of black beans, black-eyed peas, corn, and tomatoes. You can check out the full recipe from It goes perfect with tortilla chips. Make sure to bring a ton of bags.

What other crazy foods do you bring to your tailgates? Let us know what else we might have missed in the comments below.