Product Review: Sauces

It’s been over a year now since we first introduced you to They are the ones who have an enormous library of recipes specifically geared towards the outdoor chef, especially those of you tailgating before the game. With that much knowledge about outdoor cooking, it was only a natural evolution that they would come out with their own line of sauces. I had a chance to taste both flavors of sauces and I came away quite impressed. Wing Sauce Especial
Chicken wings at a tailgate party is a main staple in any parking lot. You’d be hard pressed to walk 50 feet in a tailgating lot and not see someone enjoying some chicken wings. The guys at have been developing their own wing sauce and it has been a work in progress for nine years. After tasting their wing sauce I will admit that it was definitely worth the wait.

I do want to preface the next set of statements with the fact that I grew up in San Diego and spent a summer as an exchange student in Mexico City. Needless to say I have developed a love for all foods hot and spicy based on where I lived and the foods I was introduced to. That being said even I was surprised as to how much “kick and bite” this wing sauce had. If you are the type of wing eater that is looking for the mild sauce then Wing Sauce is not for you.

I’ll admit that when I go to Hooters I will order my wings with 3-Mile Island Hot sauce. Wing Sauce is a bit hotter than that and it is a good thing. Yes, I know Hooters has a wing sauce a step above 3-Mile Island that they call 911. To me, the Hooters 911 sauce just seems like they are trying too hard to make it super hot without improving the flavor. If I wanted my sauce hotter without extra flavor I’ll use the Tabasco bottle already on the table, thank you very much.

Why do I bring all this up? Because Wing Sauce achieves what Hooters fails to do. They have made a sauce very hot but have not lost the unique flavor. The sauce is not hot just for the sake of being hot. I found myself pouring a little bit into a dipping bowl and instead of using ranch or blue cheese dressing, I was adding more sauce. The flavor was that good. I’m also not ashamed to admit that after about four or five wings I could feel my forehead sweating. All in all, a great wing sauce and if you like your wings hot, I would highly recommend it. BBQ Boss Sauce
In my past life when I had a real job, I traveled quite a bit all over the United States. This afforded me the opportunity to sample and taste all kinds of cuisine from all over the country. Naturally I got try lots and lot of BBQ and this gave me a good baseline for what types of BBQ sauce I like. Some are too smokey, some too sweet and some just taste like ketchup with some spices thrown on top. I was pleasantly surprised when I tried the BBQ Boss Sauce. It had a nice bold flavor that was not too overpowering and was not too sweet.

As I tasted the sauce I immediately turned the jar over to read the ingredients. I was interested to see what was creating this flavor of BBQ sauce. It was hard to pinpoint one ingredient dominating the flavor and I think that was one of the reasons why I liked it as much as I did. In my opinion, BBQ sauce needs to compliment your food, not be the food. The BBQ Boss Sauce has a nice flavor and enhanced the meat but didn’t make you try to remember what you were eating. I am at a loss for words as to how I would describe the flavor other than suggesting you need to try it for yourself. It sounds like a cop out but since the flavor is like none other I have tried you need to taste it for yourself.

Both the BBQ Boss Sauce and the Wing Sauce Especial are available at (naturally) Regularly priced at $7.50 per 16 oz jar they currently are selling for $6.00. You can save even more if you buy both sauces in the 2-pack for $11.00. To get your own and try them yourself, go to