Tailgating Tales: Thank God For Them Country Boys

My dead batteryImage by Qfamily via Flickr

Chris started this series off right with his tale about Philadelphia waste disposal. I don’t know if mine can even come close but here goes:

The girlfriend and I were headed to Martinsville Speedway for the fall NASCAR race. If you have ever been to Martinsville you already know that the roadways were not designed for heavy traffic. By the time we parked, the race had started so we decided to tailgate post race. After the half mile trek to the track, we just wanted to get to our seats. The one thing standing in our way? We couldn’t seem to find the damn entrance.

50 or so laps went by before we finally got settled. Our seats were very close to the track. It actually made up for some of the crap we went through that day. However, it didn’t long to see to downside in our “awesome” seats. 43 cars with 800 horsepower each do a terrific job destroying the human ear.

When the raced finished we couldn’t get out of there soon enough. When we got the car we were treated to yet another headache; a dead battery. We were hungry as hell so we just set up our gear while we waited for a jump. About 45 minutes later a couple of country boys finally found their truck and were happy let us jump off their battery. The payment for their service? A couple of hot dogs

Moral of the story? In the parking lot, food and drink is the universal currency so bring extra. You never know when you’re going to need a helping hand.

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