Tailgating Gear Featured on “Inside the Vault”

Inside the Vault HostsA few weeks ago we were contacted by one of the producers of a brand new show called “Inside the Vault”. The reason they contacted us was to get some insight on some cool and unique tailgate gear that guys would be interested in. Inside the Vault is described as,

“an engaging new series that explores what excites, inspires and drives today‚Äôs man. From his appetite for the finest food and drink, his love of sports and his fashion sense to his gadget obsessions and travel exploits, a whole lot of ground will be uncovered.”

Hosted by Chris Collinsworth, Alonzo Bodden and Jill Wagner the show will be all about getting inside the mind of the modern man. Take a look at their teaser video and also the behind the scenes stuff they shot for the show.



Now that you have gotten a pretty good idea of what the show is all about we would encourage you to tune in and check out the show. In an upcoming episode the show will demonstrate and showcase a few tailgating gadgets including the Drill Blender and the TrackPack Cooler. When the actual episode showing off these two tailgating items will air is to be determined but we do know that the first episode is set to air February 4th on WGN America at 10:30 pm EST. WGN is part of Tribune Broadcasting and the show will also broadcast on local Tribune stations. On the InsideTheVault.tv website, just punch in your zip code and it will tell you what local station and what time you can view the that week’s episode.

Most everyone has a DVR of some sort so because we are not 100% sure what episode the tailgating gear will appear, it’s probably your best bet to record the series and check it from time to time. And for those episodes that do not showcase the tailgating gear, Jill Wagner is eye candy enough to watch the show on its own merits.