Backyard Blitz TV Show Will Pay You To Tailgate

There is a new reality TV/cooking competition show coming to your TV in the near future called Backyard Blitz. The premise of the show is to have two tailgating teams made up of two people competing against each other in a grilling/cooking competition. The show will be centered around NFL fans, their love of their team and how it ties into their passion for tailgating. Details are unclear on what cable network will air the show.

What is crystal clear is that the producers of the show are seeking the biggest fans of NFL cities they have preselected to film the episodes of show and they are willing to pay you to do it. $50 per day just to hang out and be a part of the audience? Sounds like stealing to me. Plus I would imagine you get to sample some of the food being served as part of the competition.

Check out the promotional fliers the show’s producers created for the next two episodes scheduled to shoot in San Diego and Indianapolis.

Backyard Blitz Audience flier - San Diego

Backyard Blitz Audience Flier - Indianapolis

To gain more information, email the show’s producers at: