Tailgating & Fantasy Football

Printed Media is DEAD, Join us Online
I’ll admit it. I am a fantasy football player. Not that that statement makes me special because there are millions of us out there. So not only are many of us football fans chomping at the bit for the tailgating season to start, we are also ready to draft that perfect fantasy team. So why not combine the two?

Do you remember our friend Hans Steiniger? He’s the guy that set out on a Quest for 31 to visit all 31 NFL stadiums. Not only did he complete his Quest For 31 last year but he managed to create a fantasy football manifesto in the process. He is now offering up his cheat sheets and his fantasy football knowledge at FantasyFootballManifesto.com. We all know that print media is all but dead in this country and this form of fantasy advice is sent you electronically with up to the minute updates.

A funny side note is that a friend of mine that pays in my keeper fantasy league is notoriously late to the draft every year. His excuse? Barnes and Noble doesn’t open until 10 am. He was waiting to buy his fantasy football magazine the day of the draft because he wanted the most up to date information. Little did he know was that same magazine he waited to buy the day of the draft is the same magazine that was finalized after the NFL draft in April so it could be on newsstands bu July 4th. A lot can happen between the NFL draft in April and the day you draft your fantasy team. Injuries occur, crybaby athletes refuse to report to camp as part of a contract hold out, guys get traded, players get in trouble with the law and get suspensions, etc. All of these things occur all while you are holding a magazine that went to print in April.

So if your fantasy team needed some help last year and you are still drafting the Amish way, why not give Hans’ FantasyFootballManifesto.com a shot. After all, the guy knows tailgating so he is sure to know his fair share about fantasy football.

Much Better Than an Outdated FF Magazine - FantasyFootballManifesto.com