Book Review: The Browns Fan’s Tailgating Guide

We as tailgaters know that no matter if your team is winning or losing, tailgating is something that always brings us back year after year. The NFL as a whole has a rabidly loyal fan base and the Cleveland Browns fans could be some of the most dedicated and die-hard you will find. With a fan base that committed you know they are just as committed to tailgating as they are to their team. Now comes The Browns Fan’s Tailgating Guide written by Peter Chakerian. Now you have no excuse rolling into the Muni Lot on Sundays and not knowing what to expect.

I had a chance to read The Browns Fan’s Tailgating Guide by Peter Chakerian. Although I am personally not a Browns fan, reading this book convinced me becoming a Browns fan would appeal to me just based on the tailgating alone. Despite not being a fan of the Cleveland Browns I enjoyed the book and the historical perspectives on how unique the Browns tailgating experience really is. I have wanted to visit the Muni Lot based on the tailgating tales I have heard and read. Reading this book cemented my commitment to one day party with those that call the Muni Lot home on Sundays. At times I felt as if I had been handed the “behind enemy lines” secrets to tailgating that only Browns fans that have lived it know and understand. There is a different culture when it comes to Cleveland tailgating. Consider this book your reference guide to make sure you tailgate the right way.

The portions of the book I found most interesting and informational was the breakdown of all the different tailgating lots in close proximity to the Browns’ stadium. The Muni Lot is definitely not for the faint of heart or for the weak stomached. Reading this book gives great insider knowledge on more “age appropriate” locations to tailgate if you have kids joining you or if you are not up to seeing someone do an inverted beer bong off the back of a school bus painted to look like a dog. The history of the evolution of Cleveland Browns tailgating was great information for a histroical perspective as well.

Cleveland Browns’ fans have long been a suffering bunch from losing seasons, bust first round draft picks to the team being uprooted from under their noses and moving to Baltimore. Despite all of that, Browns fans are the most resilient and tailgating is interwoven into their very fabric of being. No matter if you are a veteran tailgater or a novice just starting out, by reading this book everyone can gain some insight on how to not just tailgate but tailgate better. To read an exerpt of the book, click HERE.

You can get your own copy of The Browns Fan’s Tailgating Guide at for $9.95.

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