Test Your College Football Helmet Recognition

Image by Getty Images It’s still July and that means we still have a few more weeks before the start of college football season. But until then, if you have a few minutes to burn, try taking this quiz to test your recognition of college football helmets. The quiz will open up in a Microsoft Excel sheet and you plug in your answers below each helmet.

A few tips before you take it. The Notre Dame and Navy helmets look very similar so be careful when answering those. Make sure you spell the names correctly or it will kick back that you answered wrong. NOTE: The guy who created these little test misspelled Connecticut and spelled it “Conneticut”.

I scored 48 on the first and 50 on the second. (I guess that means I watch too much ESPN.) Tell me what your score was in the comments section below.

Helmet Quiz #1

Helmet Quiz #2

H/T: Brahsome