Soldier Field Parking Now Available Online

Anyone that has been to Chicago’s Soldier field knows that parking there is quite limited. The overall tailgating experience suffers because of this fact and many fans would have to get to the lots so early that some would start lining up at 4 am. Although I admire that kind of commitment to tailgating a 3 am wake up call is tough on the body. (Especially after a long night on Rush Street.)

Standard Parking, the company that owns and operates the parking lots around Soldier Field, is offering Chicago Bears tailgaters the opportunity to buy their parking passes in advance and online. Buying stuff online? What a concept!

And don’t think that you can be a venture capitalist and buy up all the spaces and then start selling them off on game days for a profit. You’ll need to have a Bears ID which I am assuming is your Bears season ticket account number.

Bravo to Soldier Field for thinking ahead and having the tailgater in mind for once. Can you convince the folks at Qualcomm Stadium to do the same? If so that would make my life as a tailgater a lot easier this coming season.