Detroit Tailgating Booty Bus May Be Illegal

Detroit Booty Lounge Bus Normally the Detroit Lions tailgaters are left to their own devices seeing how their team is typically out of the playoff hunt by the time the first set of bye weeks roll around. But this year the Lions are undefeated and some people are even saying they have a shot to go deep in the playoffs. That extra added focus on the team on the field has translated to extra added scrutiny on what happens outside the stadium in the tailgating lots.

Sports Illustrated: Stripper bus at Lions game may be illegal

If you did not read the SI story here is the gist of it. In Detroit’s Eastern Market area, about a half mile away from Ford Field is a popular area for fans and tailgaters to congregate before game time. Someone had the brilliant idea to take one of those RV buses and convert it into a mobile strip club. They call it the “Booty Lounge” and for $10 admission, tailgaters can go inside, even bring in their own beer, and watch strippers dance on poles. (That sure beats the hell out of listening to your car stereo with the windows rolled down.) But of course, the Booty Lounge has come under fire and not for the reasons you might think.

Obviously there is the question of the morality of the bus being there and offering up pleasures of the flesh in and amongst what is promoted to be a family friendly environment. But the real thing that could get the Booty Lounge booted is the fact the Eastern Market is city owned property. We are guessing the city of Detroit did not issue any type of permit for the bus to operate down there. Here is a local news report on the matter.


The next scheduled home game for the Detroit Lions at Ford Field is not until October 10th against the Chicago Bears. We’re guessing the Booty Lounge will be nowhere to be found come that day and this past game day was it’s swan song.