Smoking at a tailgate party: Yes or No?

Smoker tailgate Party
(Editor’s Note: This is a guest post by Amanda Green. Amanda is a freelance writer and Buffalo sports nut. She has been going to Bills, Sabres and Bandits games her whole life. Amanda has been writing online for a few years now but loves to write about things near and dear to her like the city of Buffalo. Amanda’s best sports memory was Matthew Barnaby’s playoff hat-trick against Montreal and her worst was the Monday Night Football loss to the Dallas Cowboys in Buffalo.)

Tailgating parties are a great way to hang out with friends, family, and connect with fellow fans before any sporting event or concert. While tailgating events are usually held outdoors, it’s not always convenient to leave the party for a smoke break. We all have experienced that one friend who has burned a hole through our favorite tailgating chair, apologizing continuously as they whip out the duck tape and chuck their cigarette. Wouldn’t it be great if there was a way you could both enjoy the tailgate, without either of you being inconvenienced?

Option A

You could step away from the party to smoke, but you run the risk of missing all the fun. What if a sudden five on five pick-up game ensues with the opposing team’s fans parked next to you? They’ve been eyeballing your party all day, envious of your cornhole set-up and ladder ball skills. Once you leave, they’ll see it as the perfect opportunity to takeover your tailgate. Plus, nowadays, it’s difficult to smoke in some public parking lots. Instead of a casual two minute walk away from the crowd, you might as well lace up your running shoes and head due east towards the outer perimeter of the grounds before you are allowed to light up.

Option B

You could ignore the wishes of your fellow tailgaters and whip out a cigarette right in front of them. After all, you are braving the elements with your fellow fans and what’s one cigarette? If they are your true buddies they won’t care about the coughing attacks they’ll get while you’re blowing fumes their way, right? But, what about the food? Tailgating food has a trademark of tasting delicious. Wouldn’t it be nice to finally enjoy a juicy burger without cigarette embers? Or bite into a dripping Sloppy Joe sandwich and actually taste the spices instead of ash? However, cigarette ash versus Sloppy Joe sounds more like a personal preference.

Option C

The smokeless cigarette, or better known as e-cigarettes. With these handily available, you don’t have to miss out on the next game of flip-cup because you were off having a smoke break. E-cigarettes give both smokers and non-smokers the best of both worlds. Not only do they appear much more polite but they are healthier because there is no actual smoke. Regardless of your personal preference you should consider the alternative. Your non-smoking friends will thank you too.

Next time you are headed to a tailgate, just keep your smoke in mind and ideally your smokes in your pocket. Regardless of whether or not you are outside finding alternatives to spewing smoke on your friends and food will be appreciated.