SlyReply Helps Tailgaters Worry Less

SlyReply LogoThere is always one at every tailgate party. You’ve seen him or her before. We’re talking about the main organizer. When you are the one that is planning and managing a tailgate for a large group of friends, you know it takes a lot of preparation, organization and a lot of help. If you are planning on having more than a handful of people tailgating you can’t possibly be expected to buy and transport all the food and tailgating gear for everyone. A brand new website called SlyReply now takes the stress out of planning a tailgate party.

Let’s say you tailgate with a group of friends and you are all meeting at the same spot but are taking different cars and everyone is expected to bring some sort of food. Good communication between all involved is key so that you do not have an overabundance of one thing and not enough of another. Imagine showing up and everyone brought hamburger patties but nobody brought the buns. It wouldn’t be a problem for those planning a Low Carb Tailgate Party but in reality it could be just about anything needed for a successful tailgate.

In the 21st century most organizing communication is done via email. Email is a great communication tool to make an announcement to a large group in advance of an event. Email s not very convenient for a running dialog among a number of guests. Numerous emails flying back and forth between tailgaters can get confusing unless you are keeping track of all the previous emails and the items people have volunteered to bring to the tailgate party. SlyReply has eliminated the back and forth emailing and has organized the event in one simple to use location.

SlyReply has three different services, all of which are absolutely free. (We at Tailgating Ideas love the word FREE!) The one service that will probably appeal to most tailgaters is the ‘Custom Slot Sign-up’. With Custom Slot Sign-Up the organizer creates a list of items he/she wants to have at the tailgate. The organizer creates a list such as beer, burgers, buns, sodas, mustard, ketchup, napkins, plates, ice, etc. The organizer then creates a message and SlyReply sends an email to the email addresses provided by the organizer. The email has a link to the message and those people can then log into SlyReply and choose which item they want to bring. They also can provide comments. The comments are optional and the organizer decides whether the replies are hidden or can be see by the entire group. SlyReply keeps all items neatly organized and easily located so that your guests do not bring multiples of one thing and not enough of another. All guests can check SlyReply 24 hours a day (it is the internet, you know) and see what everyone else has agreed to bring as well.

The other two services available on SlyReply is the ‘Open Sign-Up’ and the ‘Timeslot Sign-up’. Open Sign-Up is designed to gauge an interest in your event and offers a “Yes” or “No” response from your invited guests. Tailgate party organizers would use this feature to figure out who is going to the game or concert coming up.

Timeslot Sign-up allows the organizer to create a list of time slots that the group can sign-up for. An example of this is to organize volunteers. Say you are targeting tailgaters as people who would potentially donate to your fund raising effort. (We sometimes see Cub Scouts selling popcorn or local cheer leading squads doing routines for donations prior to the San Diego Chargers games.) This tool would be great to schedule time slots as to whom will be roaming the parking lot doing the fund raising at a certain time.

By using SlyReply to help organize your next tailgate party you have eliminated the confusion of having to reply to every email that comes across your computer screen. SlyReply looks to be a lifesaver for the organizer of large tailgate parties that companies tend to host for their employees these days. Check out SlyReply and since it is free, what do you have to lose other than a cluttered inbox?