YM Custom Grates Creates Custom Grill Grate for TailgatingIdeas.com

Last year we told you about YM Custom Grill Grates and how they can make a grill grate with NCAA school logos and mascots right on it. They also can do custom grill grates with your initials or corporate logo. (They even made one special for Playboy Magazine.) So in an effort to step my tailgating game up, so to speak, I decided to man up and buy one for myself. I use the Freedom Grill FG-50 when I go tailgating so I had the good folks at YM Custom Grill Grates make me a custom grill grate with my website logo to fit on my FG-50. It arrived yesterday and when I broke it out of the box I was thoroughly impressed. I had to snap a few photos which you see below. (Click the thumbnail photos to see a larger image.)



To get your own custom grill grate or to browse the 25 styles of collegiate licensed grill grates, visit YM Custom Grates. Keep in mind the NCAA and NFL season will get underway at the end of this month. You better get your order in before the season starts.