Super ‘Gate III Canceled

Super_Gate_3 Back in November we posted that readers of could receive a discount if they reserved their spot at Super ‘Gate III using a special coupon code. Because of that special offer extended to our readers I have received a number of emails asking for clarification on if the event will indeed take place February 5 – 8, 2010. Word is spreading that Super Gate III has been canceled due to a sluggish economy and lack of interest.

I checked the official Super ‘Gate III Fan page on Facebook and many of the messages and wall posts do support the rumor that the event is indeed canceled. One Facebook user shared an email he received from the Super ‘Gate III support staff. It read:

Dear Super ‘Gate Attendees,

It is with much regret that we have to inform you that this year’s Super ‘Gate event has been canceled. The Board has been reluctant to make this announcement, hoping that somehow it could be avoided, but the reality is that due to a sluggish economy the support for this year’s event has been seriously lacking.

We understand that this will undoubtedly be cause for much concern and disappointment for you — we are disappointed, too — but the board will be working to resolve obligations, recoup deposits, and refund reservations as quickly as possible.

Please feel free to contact us with any of your questions or concerns and we
will do whatever we can to get things all sorted out.


Your Super ‘Gate Team

Please keep in mind these are postings from registrants and participants and no official word has been made other than these emails. The official registration website for Super Gate III says nothing about the event cancellation.

I decided to reach out to Jay DiEugenio, a.k.a. Jay the Tailgate Guy, to get more clarity on this situation. Jay has been the organizer of previous Super ‘Gates and if anyone would know what is going on it would be him. Unfortunately Jay has been out of pocket traveling the past few days and was unable to respond to emails and text messages. I was able to get a message to Jay’s wife, Karen, who is on top of all things Super ‘Gate related as well. In an email reply she was able to confirm that Super ‘Gate III was indeed canceled. She also confirmed the email messages registrants were receiving were legitimate and that they are making a concerted effort to refund deposits those who had already paid. Despite the cancellation of this year’s event they are moving forward with the planning on the next Super ‘Gate to be held in Dallas in 2011.

So with the rumors confirmed this indeed sucks for all tailgaters whether they were planning on attending Super ‘Gate or not. This was the only way tailgaters could tailgate anywhere near the Super Bowl location and now that is no longer a reality. Here’s hoping things improve and that the central location of Dallas will help pull in tailgaters from the eastern and the western United States.