Pole Caddy: A Tray That Fits On Your Umbrella Pole

When it comes to tailgating, space is at a premium. Whether it is space in your tailgating vehicle to fit gear and tailgating supplies or space confined within the rear of your vehicle once you are parked, optimizing space is key. I recently discovered The Original Pole Caddy which is a beverage/utility tray that fits around your umbrella pole or pop-up tent leg and creates space where it was otherwise underutilized. Check out the video demonstration of the Original Pole Caddy to see how well it works.


As you saw in the above video, the Pole Caddy was load tested up to 10 pounds. In an everyday tailgating environment rarely would use place anything in the Pole Caddy that would exceed 10 pounds. It is made of durable UV-resistant polypropylene and includes four drink holders and four square utility trays. The round pockets are designed to fit glasses, mugs, bottles or cans while the square pockets are designed to keep other items like chips, cell phones, cigarettes, etc. dry and away from drips and spills. It fits snugly into its adjustable socket so it won’t tip and it fits most standard pole sizes. A removable spacer comes with it for even thinner poles like the ones that come with beach chairs. To top is all off, Pole Caddies are customizable any color base, with any logo (as long as the logo is not officially licensed) or message on each side. Take a closer look at the pole caddy I am currently using when I go tailgating.

Pole CaddyPole CaddyPole CaddyPole Caddy

This patent pending design even comes in a larger form for those larger tailgates. I used my Pole Caddy just this past weekend, attaching it to one of the legs of my pop-up tent. Once you have set up your pop-up tent, take one of the expandable legs out of the top piece, slip the Pole Caddy on there and return the leg. Now you can tighten the Pole Caddy to your desired height. I employed this technique and placed a few business cards in one of the square trays. People would come by and compliment me on my customized Margaritaville Tailgating Grill and it was easy to hand them a card with the Pole Caddy right there and available. We also placed a few cans in the Pole Caddy along with some snacks. The Original Pole Caddy is very useful and it gets my wife’s stamp of approval too.

There are three ways to buy an Original Pole Caddy. 1) You can buy stock designed Pole Caddies which include island themes and the like. Those will run you $19.95 plus shipping. 2) You can buy licensed Pole Caddies which include a number of NCAA schools including Univ. of Florida, Tennessee, LSU, Clemson, Michigan, etc. 19 total colleges are licensed and available. 3) Or you could custom order your company’s logo, tailgate crew’s name, etc. As long as it is not an officially licensed logo, you can order it. Prices will vary depending on the amount of customization you require and the quantity you order.

Make sure to visit our Pole Caddy section of our tailgating gear store, Shop.TailgatingIdeas.com.

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