The Party Starter: Mix Drinks & Share With One Squirt

Editor’s Note: The Party Starter is no longer available but the good news is that the exact same design and function of this product was renamed and rebranded. It is now called the Kamikaze and although the name and colors of this product have changed, the way it works and functions is EXACTLY the same and the Party Starter. The better news is that this product is available for purchase HERE.

Tailgating is all about sharing. Sharing good food and sharing good times is what draws people back to tailgating all the time. The creators of The Party Starter have come up with a new and creative way to share drinks as well.

The Party Starter Drink Mixer


Simply put, The Party Starter is a two chambered beverage dispenser that keeps liquor and mixers separate until they are mixed together and sprayed into an awaiting mouth. There are no batteries to load and the pressure to spray is created by just a few pumps of the plunger. Take a look at the 90 second video of The Party Starter in action out in Lake Havasu during Spring Break. (If videos of college aged girls boozing in skimpy bikinis offends you, or offends your work’s IT department, I would suggest skipping the video.)


So here are the basic steps to getting your tailgate party started using The Party Starter:

  1. Pour 12 oz of your liquor of choice in the rear reservoir. (Get it? Liquor in the rear…)
  2. Pour mixer of choice into front reservoir.
  3. Cap both reservoirs.
  4. Use the dial on top of your Party Starter to dial in how potent you want your liquor to mix ratio. (1=Tipsy, 2=Fuzzy, 3=Hammered, 4=Blitzed).
  5. Locate the round pump at the top of your Party Starter. Pump three to four times only! (Do not over-pump the Party Starter)
  6. Locate the handle on the back of your Party Starter and wrap your hand around it.
  7. Place thumb on trigger just above handle.
  8. Locate an awaiting mouth or possibly your own.
  9. Hold your Party Starter 2 inches from a mouth and press down on the trigger firmly until you see signs of the mouth filling up.
  10. Release thumb from trigger to stop the spray of drink mixture.

It really is quite simple. For those needing a little more visual assistance on how to properly fill and use The Party Starter, here is an instructional video. I would suggest watching it because it is not only informative but it was completed by a drunk guy at 3 am and turns out to be somewhat humorous. (There are a few swear words in this video so I would suggest putting on your head phones if you are at work or little kids are around.)


I had the privilege of testing out The Party Starter for myself. The thing that impressed me the most was the amount of spray you get with just three pumps of the plunger. Most people think you have to over pump something like this but that is not the case. I was quite surprised that just a few pumps properly pressurizes The Party Starter for a nice steady spray stream. (Do not think of The Party Starter as a “Booze Super Soaker”.) You can share The Party Starter with multiple people before having to pump it again to get a stronger spray stream. Also, I would suggest always checking the dial that controls the dilution rate. They are not kidding when they say if you crank it to the number four, you are getting a whole lot of liquor and very little mixer. So make sure you do not over-serve your tailgate party guests while using The Party Starter. Lastly, another great benefit is that if you mix a bad drink, you don’t have to throw the whole thing away. Just dump out the inexpensive mixer and the more expensive liquor remains intact. Now if you buy cheap and horrible tasting liquor, well, that’s on you and we can’t help you on that front.

The only negative to The Party Starter is that the holes to fill the reservoirs are not big enough to insert ice cubes. Those thin crescent shaped ice cubes some home freezers make may fit in there but most round shaped ice cubes bought at stores will not. So if you like your margaritas cold, I would suggest chilling your mixer first before pouring it into The Party Starter. Also, when showing it to friends I did get some comments that it looks like a bug sprayer an exterminator would use. So if you are that shallow that the appearance bothers you then I guess The Party Starter is not for you. Whenever I heard the “insect exterminator” comparison I told them that I was planning on using The Party Starter as a “sobriety exterminator”. Once I came up with that analogy people wanted me to fill it up and use it on them immediately.

The Party Starter has been renamed and rebranded and is now called The Kamikaze. You can buy your own for $24.99 plus shipping by visiting our online tailgating gear store or by clicking HERE.