Off Topic: Seperated At Birth – Jimmy Traina & P.J. Byrne

Every now and then we steer off the road and go off topic with things that have nothing to do with tailgating. This is one of those times.

I am sure you are familiar with the phrase “Separated at Birth” referring to two people who are not related but look so similar they could be siblings. Every now and then Jimmy Traina, the man responsible for updating Sports Illustrated’s Hot Clicks section sometimes features celebrity and athlete “separated at births”. P.J. Byrne is a TV actor known for his recurring role of Irv Goldman Sachs on the sitcom The Game. Sports fans will immediately recognize him as the guy who said “TJ Who’sYourMama” in the NFL fantasy football commercials a few years back.


Is it just me or could these guys be brothers?

Jimmy Traina PJ Byrne Lokk-a-likes