The Grill Spatula

Grilling, whether at a tailgate party or at home, is a high heat cooking technique. The perils of high heat cooking comes the potential of the food sticking to the grill. Many tailgaters and grillers alike are afraid of grilling fish because it is a delicate meat that tends to break apart once it hits the grill. Meats sticking to the grill is not just quarantined to fish either. Lean ground beef and chicken stick quite often as well. And forget about grilling using a teriyaki or other sweet marinade. The sugar in those sauces act like super glue once they hit the grill.

I recently came across The Grill Spatula that now takes the fear out of grilling traditionally “sticky” foods. The Grill Spatula has a thin, flexible shearing wire that slides between the food and the grill grate. This patent pending wire cleanly frees the food item and allows easy removal and turning. I was sent a sample Gill Spatula for testing purposes and snapped a few photos of it in use while cooking some hamburgers on the Bubba Keg Grill. (Click images for larger view)

When testing the Grill Spatula I was a bit anxious as to how the thin wire would hold up. At first glance it appears as if it would be flimsy but in use, it stands up to a fair amount of pressure. In reading the instructions, the wire has been tested to handle up to 30 lbs of pressure but there is no need to press that hard. I found that when flipping hamburgers that tend to stick, wiggling the Grill Spatula was all I needed to do. The wire literally cut the food free from the grill grate to make for easy turning. Take a look at their demo video using chicken, a burger and that ultra delicate food, grilled fish.

After testing out the Grill Spatula the only downside to this tailgating tool is that they recommend you hand wash the spatula when done. The instructions said that dishwashers tend to deteriorate the finish on the handle. Other than that, I found the Grill Spatula to be very useful and will make a permanent place in my grilling tools kit.

Admittedly I did not use it on fish but that is definitely on my “to-do” list next. My wife and I love seared Ahi tuna when we go to a Japanese restaurant. Duplicating that at home is very difficult. Because the Bubba Keg can get upwards of 800 degrees, perfect searing temperature, combined with the Grill Spatula, I am confident we can get perfectly seared Ahi tuna at home or even in the parking lot.

The Grill Spatula comes in two different sizes based on the size and spacing of your grill rods. Make sure to download and print off the template that will determine which Grill Spatula is the right size for your particular grill. Once you have determined what size Grill Spatula you need, either one will cost you $19.95. To learn more or to order a Grill Spatula for yourself, visit: