Colt Ford Remakes Tailgate Song To Include Football Teams

You may recall back in April I discovered Colt Ford and his music by virtue of him penning a song entitled “Tailgate”. Although I loved the lyrics of the song mentioning all the fun and cool things to do while tailgating, it was the YouTube video that really made me a fan of the music of Colt Ford. You missed the video? Well lucky for you I am shameless enough to re-post it for you right here. Just make sure to look over your shoulder before hitting play. It is slightly NSFW.


So you are probably asking yourself why am I re-posting this nearly six months later? Two reasons:

1) Colt Ford has remade this song to include personalized versions to include football teams of the Big Ten, ACC, SEC, Big XII and the NFL. Not all 32 NFL teams are included in the newer versions but about half the NFL teams are represented. Go ahead and check Colt Ford’s website to see if he has remade a version to include your favorite team. You can download the full version for only 99 cents from his site. It might be a nice addition to your MP3 player and to throw it into the shuffle for your tailgate party mix.

2) Although I really can’t offer any improvements to the above video, Colt Ford is planning on making an “official” music video for the song Tailgate. I would imagine a lot of the video would include shots of Colt Ford within the tailgating environment surrounded by all kinds of cool tailgating gear. If I could make a suggestion to the producers, they have to include a Freedom Grill in the video. Unless they roll out some huge BBQ that requires a Semi to haul it in, a Freedom Grill product placement is a must.

Other items that need to be in the video would have to be a cornhole game or even some beer pong.  Oh yeah, and lots of tailgating girls that look like the girl in the above video. I’d be willing to be a technical advisor on the shoot and let them know what stuff needs to be in there and what stuff just does not belong. You know, to lend some continuity and validity to the video.

So if you were shooting the Colt Ford video for “Tailgate”, what items would definitely have to make an appearance to make it an authentic tailgate party in your opinion?