MillerCoors Suing Beer Pong Table Maker

File this under the heading “there is no such thing as bad PR”.

Apparently the folks at MillerCoors have taken a page from the NFL and have joined the hypocrisy party. Stating that they do not promote “irresponsible drinking”, MillerCoors is suing Connecticut-based PB&J Design Inc. for producing a beer pong table with a design that they claim could be easily confused for the trademarked Miller Lite logo. Judge for yourself.


In the lawsuit, MillerCoors claims:

“MillerCoors has taken steps to promote responsible drinking and has worked with the community and its local distributors to help the consuming public understand the importance of drinking responsibility,”

So apparently the lawyers for the NFL have been talking to the attorney’s at MillerCoors and told them they need to come out and publicly denounce binge drinking and binge drinking games. But do you really buy that they really want to discourage binge drinking or do they just want to spin it to make themselves look like they care about you? I am guessing the later.

On top of that, do the people at Miller Lite honestly believe people are buying their beer because of the taste? That would be like an adult film studio saying they want their customers to watch their movies for the complex character development. Get over yourselves, people!

For clarification sake, PB&J Design Inc. is the parent company for the website which not only sells beer pong tables, t-shirts and beer pong accessories, but they are also the authors of The Book of Beer Pong.

H/T: Sharapova’s Thigh