Mailbag: Clarification on Pulitzer Post

tailgating_ideas_mailbag.jpgSometimes it is really nice to know there are people out there that are really smart yet they read this blog despite being so intelligent. Seriously, what is a writer for PBS doing on a blog about tailgating? Well, apparently Simon Owens reads (or at the very least, one blog post on here) and he also writes for his own blog, Bloggasm and also for PBS. Yes, the same PBS you are thinking of.

If you haven’t read Bloggasm before, it is a blog that focuses on the media, with an emphasis on online media and journalism. It often features interviews with prominent bloggers, authors and journalists. Anyway, Simon dropped me a note regarding my post Tailgaters Now Eligible For A Pulitzer Prize.

Simon writes:

Hey Dave,

I read your post about the Pulitzer’s decision to open the prize up to online-only news outlets. I got a chance the other day to speak to Pulitzer administrator Sig Gissler for a PBS article in an attempt to nail down which online news outlets would qualify. I also spoke to the editors of Salon, Slate and ProPublica to gauge their reaction to the news (Salon editor Joan Walsh called the Pulitzer board “prissy”):

Pulitzers Open to Online-Only Entrants — But Who Qualifies?

Anyway, I thought this was something you and your readers would find interesting.

Take care,


Thanks to Simon for passing that along. So now you know how this whole thing works. I guess if I want to be considered I better start dusting off that old journalism degree and break a story regarding tailgating.

Here’s one: Reduced tailgating times at NFL stadiums suck. Film at 11.

How’s that?