Proposed California Beer Tax Could Hit Tailgaters Hard

beer_sex.jpg California Assemblyman Jim Beall you have got to be kidding!

The Democratic freshman lawmaker is proposing to raise the California beer tax by $1.80 per six-pack, or 30 cents per can or bottle. That’s a 1,500 percent increase above the 2 cents currently in place per can or bottle. The proposed tax targets only beer and not wine or liquor. Beall’s research showed that California undertaxes beer compared to other states so therefor beer should receive a hefty tax increase in his misguided opinion. Since beer is the No. 1 preferred beverage in tailgating parking lots this could be very bad news for California tailgaters if this bill passes.

You may be thinking, “I don’t tailgate in California so this does not really affect me.” That short sighted mentality may be true now but we all know that laws and the making of laws is all set on precedence. If you keep your mouth shut on this particular issue because you do not live in California don’t be surprised when your state’s legislators gouge you for the same type of tax increase next year.

First of all, this proposed tax is not a tax on the consumer but a proposed tax on the manufacturers of beer. Do you really think the beer manufacturers will shoulder a 1,500 percent tax increase and NOT pass it along to the consumer? Yeah, right. The proposed tax, if passed by a two-thirds vote in the California Assembly and Senate and also needs the approval of voters, would generate an estimated $2 billion a year to fund health care services, crime prevention and programs to prevent underage drinking and addiction. Gasoline prices are on the verge of $4 per gallon and the answer to a budget crisis is to raise taxes on beer? That makes a lot of sense.Just because the legislature spends like drunken sailors doesn’t mean the drunken sailors should have to pay for all their spending. (Sorry for that analogy. It was an insult to drunken sailors everywhere.)

jim-beall.jpgHey, Jim Beall and other jackass lawmakers in Sacramento. Here’s a novel concept. Try cutting the funding of superfluous governmental programs instead of looking for the tailgating public to bail you out of your budget crisis. How about a tougher stance on illegal immigration that fleeces the State of our tax dollars every day? You guys are the ones who created this mess with your overspending. It is not the job of beer drinkers to bail you out. And by the way Assemblyman Beall, I couldn’t help but notice you are a first-term legislator. You must not enjoy your job and don’t want it anymore. Placing a huge tax on beer is the best way to ensure you won’t get reelected next term.

Feel free to visit Assemblyman Jim Beall’s website and contact page. Call his office (916) 319-2024 or (408) 282-8920 and tell him how you feel about his proposed tax on beer. Send his office a fax (916) 319-2124 or (408) 282-8927 and tell him your true feelings about his proposed beer tax. These lawmakers are so out of touch with reality that maybe a phone call, fax or email from a real person potentially affected by this proposed tax can talk some sense into him. Then again, he decided to go into politics so it is probably too late for that.

Lastly, anyone else take a look at the calendar and notice the irony in all of this? Nothing like bringing a proposed beer tax close to April 15th when everyone is pissed off already about paying taxes. Way to think that one through too.