The Kegstand: Made for Tailgating

greener_kegstand.jpgBefore you get your panties in a bunch and start emailing me “where can I get one of these?”, this is only a concept item that is currently not in production. Despite the fact that this product does not exist it just screams to have been thought up with the tailgater in mind. It’s called the Kegstand and although you will not use it to drink beer while being held upside down, it may be the best way to have a tailgate keg party in the future.

Tailgating with a keg can be fun but it is also a pain in the ass. Transportation and maintenance of a keg at a tailgate party are the two major deterrents to having one. That and those pesky stadium parking lot rules that ban kegs. (fascist bastards) Cold beer is essential while tailgating. That means you have to get the keg into some sort of a receptacle that will hold ice surrounding your barrel of beer. This is usually a plastic trash can and normally requires two people to lift the heavy keg up and over the top of the can.

The conceptual Kegstand comes in two pieces to alleviate the heavy lifting. You would only need to lift the full keg about a foot off the ground (you can do that, can’t you Alice?) and place it on the base. You’d then slide the top half over the keg, clamp it to the base and then fill with ice. The base has wheels so wheeling your keg to the perfect location is much easier than dragging that old Rubbermaid across the asphalt. When you are ready to pack up and head into the game or concert, a convenient plug allows for easy drainage of the melted ice.

kegstand12_liftload-765702.jpgThe top of the Kegstand also is functional beyond just holding the ice. The lip has a cap holder to inform your tailgate party guests what brand of beer is flowing. (Meister Brau anyone?) There is also a slot for the keg tap spout to rest so if does not have to dangle off the side or sit on the top of the keg or in the ice. A cup dispenser and a serving tray is also included that I am sure will be used as a cup rest more often than not. Most people congregate around the keg so the lip of the Kegstand might serve as a bar as well.

Unfortunately the Kegstand is only a concept project but the people that dreamed this up might be looking for investors to help bring it to market. Feel free to contact them if you have the capital to make it happen.

Photos courtesy of and a hat tip goes out to Gizmodo for discovering this.