Holiday Gift Guide for Tailgaters – 2014 Edition

Holiday Gift Guide For tailgaters 2014
According to, you only have roughly 7 days and a few hours left before Christmas. That means if you have not purchased all your holiday gifts yet, you better get on the stick. We empathize with you the procrastinating gift buyers and proudly offer this year’s edition of the Holiday Gift Guide for Tailgaters. If you don’t find anything in the 2014 edition that your tailgater might enjoy, check out our previous years gift guides (2013, 2012, 2011 and 2010) and we are sure you will find something they will love. Without further delay, here is the 2014 edition of the Tailgating Ideas Holiday Gift Guide for Tailgaters.

Tailgate TV Stand Featured
Tailgate TV Stand

If you want to step up your tailgating game, bringing a TV to the tailgating parking lot is a must. And if you are going to bring a TV to the tailgate, you don’t want it taking up valuable table space. You want to mount your TV at your tailgating space much like you would mount it at home. Up and out of the way and safe from errant footballs that may accidentally come in contact with your TV. That is why you need to get a Tailgate TV Stand. The Tailgate TV Stand is a hitch mounted TV stand that holds your flat screen TV and can rotate 360 degrees. The Tailgate TV Stand is essentially three pieces that assemble quickly in order to mount your TV for viewing off the back of your vehicle so long as it has a 2″ tow hitch receiver. $169.99

VersaPong Featured Image

They always say, “People tend to give gifts they would like to receive themselves”. This one falls directly into that category. VersaPong is beer pong racks that quickly mount and are easily removed from the tops of PVC pipe that makes tripod stands. The set up is a breeze and the space it takes up in your tailgating vehicle is minimal. Plus your tailgater will be the coolest tailgater in the parking lot or the backyard BBQ when they break out these bad boys that no one has ever seen before. Comes in multiple color options including black, red, blue, green, purple and yellow. 69.95

Texas Sucks Tailgate Tag
Tailgate Tags: Novelty License Plates

Tailgate Tags are aluminum U.S. State background license plates that can be customized to reflect a slogan or message of your choice. They even have a variety of pre-made tailgate tags geared towards specific fan bases, i.e. Alabama license plates that say “Roll Tide” or a Louisiana plate that says “Who Dat?” for the New Orleans Saints fans. Tailgate Tags have the option of the lettering sublimated or with vinyl lettering. All 50 states are available and some states even have multiple background options (California, Maryland, Nebraska, New York, New Mexico and Ohio) if you prefer an old school plate. Sublimated Customized Plates cost $19.95 and Vinyl Customized Plates run $17.95.

Canopy Cooler Featured
Canopy Cooler

The Canopy Cooler is a canopy weight and a food and beverage cooler all in one package. It is a hassle-free way to anchor your canopy in seconds on those windy days while having your cooler elevated for easy access. That means no more lifting and hauling heavy sandbags, canopy weights, blocks or tie-downs to make sure you canopy doesn’t fly away. The canopy cooler is a simple alternative to anchoring your canopy on any ground surface (hard or soft) in seconds. It works by hanging (interlocking) the two cooler tables onto any height on the canopy legs and then place the cooler on the patent pending tables. Then reach in for your favorite beverage and start your tailgate party. Multiple colors available including purple, blue, red, gold, green, black, orange and yellow. $59.95

DISH Tailgater portable satellite TV antena
DISH Tailgater

This is a gift that would go hand-in-hand with our first gift suggestion, the Tailgate TV Stand. Perfect for the college football tailgater that wants to keep an eye on all of the other games going on before the start of their game, The Tailgater from DISH is hassle free and is simple to set up. After hooking up all the wires and cables to your receiver and TV screen, switch it on and select the state you are in. The Tailgater will run a series of three test to automatically find the satellite with the best signal and lock onto that satellite. Once it locks, it will acquire the signal and download the program guide and then you are up and running and watching TV in the parking lot. All of these tests are done on their own and once you set the process in motion, you can flip your burgers, grab another beer or set up the game of cornhole. Once you come back in five minutes your TV will be up and running. $449.99 Tailgater Bundle with HD Receiver from

State Traditions San Diego Chargers Hat
State Traditions game day apparel

State Traditions apparel puts a new twist on showing your support for your team. Start with a piece of clothing like a polo shirt, T-shirt, hat, visor and even neck ties, bow ties, dog leashes, belts and even phone cases and money clips. State Traditions then embroiders the outline of the boundary of the state of your choice onto your choice of apparel and match it to the traditional colors of that college or university. A great example would be a Texas fan would get a hat with the state of Texas embroidered on it in traditional burnt orange. Of course it does not say “University of Texas” or have the traditional longhorn logo but fans everywhere will recognize burnt orange and the state of Texas is all you need to show you are a Texas Longhorns fan. All 50 States available in multiple colors options. Prices vary based on the types of apparel ordered.

Adjustable Bag Buddy Featured
Adjustable Bag Buddy

The Adjustable Bag Buddy is a wire framed bag holder that raises and lowers to adjust to the height of your trash bag. The side bag holders also extend out and holds open taught the top opening of your trash bag. More than likely you will use it for tailgating with trash bags that range from 25 to 55 gallons size. The Adjustable Bag Buddy is very easy to assemble, breaks down quickly and keeps trash bags open and easy to use. Because of the wire frame, it won’t tip or blow over in the wind like other portable trash bag holders. $19.98

KoolerCap Featured

Every time a cooler is opened, warm outside air rushes into the cooler cavity through a process called convection. When the cooler lid is re-closed, the ice within the cavity is forced to re-cool the warm cavity air in order to maintain the desired temperature within the cooler. We all know that coolers are normally opened and closed many times during any given day, especially while tailgating . This constant cold air loss to convection results in faster melting ice. The KoolerCap solves this problem and extends ice life by about 30%. It does this by essentially trapping the cold air just above the ice and the contents of your cooler so that the warm air coming into the cooler does not have to be cooled again. The KoolerCap works by sealing the ice and perishables from the unused cooler cavity using compression technology. The KoolerCap is a specially formulated closed cell foam insulation material and is very light, weighing only a few ounces. As each cooler has its own interior dimensions, each KoolerCap is custom trimmed by the customer to their individual cooler size and dimensions. $19.95 – $29.95

Ramp Shot Featured
Ramp Shot

RampShot is a brand new, four player tailgating game that utilizes two specially designed ramps and four bouncy balls the size of a racquetballs. Similar to other tailgate games like Ladder Toss and Cornhole, teammates stand on opposite sides of the playing area. Each player gets two shots per round to score points for their team. Points are scored when players toss the ball in the net or their partner catches a ball that bounces off the ramp. RampShot allows players to score points by tossing and/or catching. $59.99

Case Coolie Featured
Case Coolie

Bringing an ice chest to a tailgate party can be a hassle. The size, weight and bulk of a cooler along with the cost of ice can make tailgating a real pain. If only there was a way to keep a case of beer cold without the hassle and expense of lugging a cooler full of ice to the tailgate. The Case Coolie is an insulating device that slips over your case of beer and keeps it insulated and cold right out of the liquor store fridge. The Case Coolie combines a double layer of top quality insulation to create a barrier to heat and thus keeps your case cold for 10 hours. $29.99

Rappz Tailgating Ideas custom cooler cover
Rappz Cooler Cover

Rappz Cooler Covers are neoprene wraps that are specifically made to slide over and around Coleman Coolers and are colored with dye sublimated graphics to help make your cooler stand out at your next tailgate party. Instead of that boring red cooler sitting out, you can now order custom graphics to display your tailgating crew’s moto or even show your support for your team. You won’t be able to use officially licensed logos and emblems but there are no copyright laws on using red and black and and having your cooler wrap say, “Go Cards” if you are an Arizona Cardinals fan. Rappz cover numerous sizes of Coleman coolers and prices vary based on the size of wrap you choose. Available from Victory Corps Tailgating.

Grill Easy Lump Charcoal in a box
Grill Easy Lump Charcoal in a box

Grill Easy Natural Lump Charcoal is a single-use, recycled cardboard container with an internal vent system that allows tailgaters to prepare charcoal without the hassle and the chemicals traditionally associated with lighting charcoal. The container is placed into the grill and a wick is lit from the front. The cardboard box container burns off while igniting the lump charcoal leaving them ready to use in under 15 minutes. Perfect for the tailgater that loves the flavor that comes with lump charcoal but does not want the hassle of taking the entire bag to the tailgating parking lot. 2-Pack $16

King of Beer Pong Stainless Steel Cups
King of Beer Pong Stainless Steel Cups

These 16 oz. Beer Pong cups are an exact replica of the red party cups you have come to know and love but in a stainless steel form. Being stainless steel, they give your game of beer pong an element of class and style over those regular old plastic cups. And because they are stainless steel, they are food grade quality and are safe to drink from them. The 12 piece set comes with six balls and costs $49.99. The 24 piece set will cost you $69.99.

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